Can’t we all just get along?

  • When:11/28/15
  • QIC: Iron Horse, Mall Cop, Radar
  • The PAX: Prohibition, Blades of Glory, Flipper, Dolphin, Hops, Fragile, Strawberry, Floor Slapper, Witch Doctor, Sweetness, Chelms (aka Tater Tot), Beaver, Teddy, Mermaid, Pogo, The Swede, Deadlift, Telemundo, Crabcake, Strange Brew, O Tannenbaum, Beaver, Barracuda, Turkey Leg, Coldcuts, Buttermaker, Malkovich (30), Squid, Shock and Awe, Safe Lock, Twister, Lennox, Leroy, Dear Abbey, McGee, FNG-Rad (Jackson Smith), FNG-Homer (Cliff Baldwin), Iron Horse, Mall Cop, Radar.

Can’t we all just get along?

Much holiday chatter about the convergence, manhood, “intensity”, and general territorialism.  Nonetheless, a spring-like crowd of 41 pax assembled for a multi-workout morning.  Those with a fondness for sandbags (or others who were just not paying attention), followed Radar 50’ to the near parking lot.  The bulk of the crowd fell in for a slow mosey through the lots to circle up for a workout with those who can get along with others.


Iron Horse in Q:

Circle up for the disclaimer and COP.


Mountain Climber x 15 IC

Merkins – slow civilian count x 15

IW x 15 IC

LBC x 15 IC


Cruise to far parking lot and line up on the curb for Broken Burpees:


50 meter run across parking lot, then 15 x low squat

50 meter run back, then 15 x groiners

50 meter run across parking lot, then 15 x merkin,

50 meter run back, then 15 x flying squirrel

Rinse and repeat with 10 reps of each exercise.

A little flutter to catch our breath.

Last round with 5 reps of each exercise.


Divide into teams of 3 and mosey to the rock pile to select a lifting rock.

Continue mosey to the playground, and then we begin:

P1 runs to pavilion and does 15 x step up, 15 x dip, 10 x step up, 10 x dip, then run to playground.

P2 has been doing continuous sets of: 5 pullup, 10 merkins, 15 LBC’s.

When P1 arrives P2 heads to the rock pile, where P3 has been doing continuous sets of:  10 curls, 10 press, 10 tricep press.

When P2 arrives, P3 runs to the pavilion and we start all over.

Go continuous through 2 sets – until Mall Cop hijacks the Q.


Mall Cop in Q:

Mosey to soccer fields.

Jacobs ladder on the hill:  7 burpees at bottom, run to top 7 burpees at top.

We do 5-6 sets of this…depending on ambition.  Ouch.


Back into our groups of 3 for a Mary Relay.

P1 does flutter on one end, P2 is doing Russian twists 100 yards away, P3 runs to P2, tags off, and P2 runs back to P1….and off we go.  At some point, we switch to dolly and heels-to-heaven.

This happens for a while.

Time running out and we mosey back to the parking lot for COT.



Thang2: The Day Zero (so-called) “High Intensity” Hour


About 3 minutes before 0700, Prohibition gave a quick announcement that Day Zero would be experimenting with a “High Intensity” workout and that those brave enough to volunteer would be the Guinee Pigs.  18 men looking to take it up a notch or 3 stepped up to the challenge and followed Radar. This is what we did:


45 SSH
25 imperial walkers

Mosey to get sand bags
Partner up

Sand bag run to North Face
38 Burpees OYO

P1- alternate 10 deep squats and 10 calf raises with sand bag until partner get back
P2-run the loop to the bottom of NF. 10 squat jumps and then up the hill
Flapjack & Repeato x 3

P1- Run to Rea Rd and back with sandbag
P2- Run to Rea Rd, bear crawl 30 yards, then sprint back to P1
Flapjack & Repeato x 2

Overhead press & CDD’s between rounds

P1- alternate 10 side lunge and 10 knee tucks until partner gets back
P2- run the loop and up NF with sand bags
Flapjack & Repeato x 2

Plankjacks x 25

P1- walking merkins on sandbags
P2- sprint to Rea and back pedal back

Flapjack & Repeato x 2

Indian run with bags to southern Rea rd entrance.
P1- ab work
P2- down and up the hill with the sand bag
P1- burpees
P2-down and back with bags

Indian run back and drop the bags

Indian run around the lot

Meet up with the other group doing Mary

3 minutes of burpees while the base group finished the Mary Relay.


Joint Moleskin (that’s not a good phrase)

Well done by all.

Based on the size of the pax, it is good that we had split workouts.

For the base (aka normal, aka social, aka friendly, aka super-fit, aka sans-sandbag) group, good flow and effort by all.

For the weirdos, thanks for helping the experiment with a “high intensity” workout.  Going to be asking for feedback on how it went and if it lived up to the billing, and they’ll keep you posted on how that goes forward.  Sound off if you need a referral for knee therapy.

Cobains to those that jumped in with that group unaware of what was ahead.

Prohibition ran over to BOG during the warmup to explain what we were doing.  As BOG said after, he basically told me not to die (a touching moment).

Also of note, Dear Abby is ridiculously fast doing bear crawls.  Strawberry tried to give him a run for his money, but couldn’t hang on.

On both workouts, there was not much, if any, talking moments to catch our breath.

Witch Doctor’s father was stalking us from his car, and the sandbag crew was praying for more car traffic in the driveway to grab a break.

Group 1 got a good dose of burpees in the Mall Cop called Jacob’s Ladder – not fun.

In Group 2, McGee was rooting for more burpees, and got some with the final call for 38 – in honor of Radar’s birthday on Monday.

Might have missed one or two on the pax list above – apologies – sound off.



Sign up for the F3 Christmas Party – need to be registered by December 4.

There will be food collection for the benefit of the Calvary Food Pantry – more info to follow.


Great take out by Squid. Aye!

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:50 pm - Nov 29, 2015

For the record, it was a Bent Jacob. Regular Jacobs Ladder is ascending order with burpess only at the top and not 7 every time at top and bottom. That SUCKED. Mall Cop acted like he couldn’t remember but I’m not buying it. From my read, both workouts were high intensity.

MermaidPosted on8:40 am - Nov 30, 2015

Agree with Chelms, the Jacobs plateau hill set with 70 burpees was not a lot of fun. Tough workout with IH and MC. Well done. Every A51 workout should be “high intensity.” As a QIC you must consider it your duty to make the workout as hard as you can for the men you are leading. #ISI

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