12 Days Of Turtles In A Hairburner Tree

  • When:11/28/15
  • QIC: Drop Thrill / Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Sweetchuck (FNG), Horsehead, Turnpike, The Late Show, Lamont (Respect), The Count, Shephered (Respect), Squid, Glass Joe, Drop Thrill

12 Days Of Turtles In A Hairburner Tree

YHC brought out an oldie but goodie from last year that I picked up at Peak 51 and then Glass Joe brought the icing on the cake.

15 – SSH
15 –  Imperial Walkers
15 – Windmills
15 – Hillbillies
15 –  LSQ

Now for the main course:

Just like the song, you repeat every day until the end (or you spill merlot)

1- Sprit the busses
2- Burpees
3- Carolina dry docks
4- Lunges
5- Sta jumps/Bomb jacks
6- Flutter
7- Smurf jack
8- Squats
9- LBC
11- Freddie Mercury
12- Seal Jacks

After all the Christmas cheer, Glass Joe took over for hill work with some snow sleds he stole from his neighborhood that tested to see if anyone would faceplant, Joe of course had to be an overachiever.

Then we headed back to the busses for some hidden EE sticky plates and teamed up to push them to the road and back.

Joe threw in some Mary and we were toast, I mean done.

Nice work all!

Shephered was smoking us all on the 12 days, almost always done with each round of exercises before anyone else.  #strong

Welcome Sweetchuck who was an EH of Turnpike’s!

Joe Davis 5k/10k upcoming, A51 Christmas Party deadline is next Sunday!  Party on the 12th, Toy Drive upcoming too.

I pray you all have a safe and happy holiday season as we celebrate the real reason for hope in this dark world, and His name is Jesus.

Thanks for the honor of leading.




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Drop ThrillPosted on10:27 am - Nov 28, 2015

Shout out anything I missed! Great work!

Hair BandPosted on10:52 am - Nov 28, 2015

Sorry I missed Sweet Chuck’s first post, figures he finally comes out when I dont go. Hopefully I’m done with 2015 year of the crud. Looking forward to a healthier 2016.

The only upside to this crap the past 2 weeks is I lost about 10 lbs, not the healthy way to lose weight but I’ll take it.

Glass JoePosted on10:54 am - Nov 28, 2015

Unfortunately, when the sled stopped, I kept going. Lamont got a front row view and laughed appropriately. Those downhills were worse than the uphills. Expect to see those again.

12 days of Christmas is always good and bad. Especially when a 2.0 is feeling like a race.

Thanks to HH for the pre-KB workout. Still got a ways to go with those but they are awful and needed.

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