Save the neck for me Clark

  • When:11/27/15
  • QIC: Geraldo, Hops
  • The PAX: Witch Doctor, Telemundo (NYC), Grady (Raleigh), Superstar (2.0), Cheese Curd, Gerber, Mall Cop, Joker, Ductwork, Dear Abby, Geraldo, Hops

Save the neck for me Clark

No SF from Joust, Kevlar or Mountain Goat….nor site Q’s for that matter…yet 12 pax mustered nonetheless, were duly disclaimed by Geraldo, and then embarked on a tryptophan-defying downpainment at Mountain Jevlar.

The Thang:

COP: SSH x 20 IC, Merkins x 10 IC, IW x 20 IC, Diamond Merkins x 10 IC, Squats x 20 IC

Count off 1,2,3 stay in groups (Q Fail) P1 bleachers called exercise , P2 Parking lot called exercise, P3 is the timer running between bleachers and parking lot, flap jack rotating stations and timer

Bleacher exercises: step ups, dips, supine pull-ups, incline Merkins.

Parking lot exercises: Merkins, LBCs, squats, lunges.

People’s Chair w/overhead press x 50 civilian count

Run to track and partner-up for the following:

Catch me if you can – P1 5 burpees, P2 lunge walk; switched to broad jump in lieu of lunge walk at about 150 meters; AYG run for both partners for last 100 meters

Over-unders x 11 (P1 planks while P2 jumps over then crawls under P1); Flapjack

Circle up for Domino Merkins (Start in plank, 1st pax goes to 6 inch hold, then 2nd and so on all the way around; 1st pax then goes to plank, then 2nd etc, etc.).  We did 8-10 rounds

9.5 minutes of Mary:

All exercises to 11 in honor of the Panthers 11-0 record. #KeepPounding

Knee up, Makthar Ndijaye, High Slow Flutter, American Hammer, Protractor with all 12 pax calling a hold position

Jog to sidewalk & bearcrawl 1/2 way up hill to concession stand (aka Semi-Gloss’ office)

Find some wall for donkey kick x 13, x 13 & x 11

Mosey to launch lot

6-count burpee x 11 IC


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Geraldo had threatened the Gopher, but he audibled due to Turkey Bowl pain & injuries….it still was a painful circuit though.  The tryptophan was in full effect as the pax got confused with Geraldo’s instructions for forming teams for the circuit work.  Pretty sure Cheese Curd and Joker engineered that confusion train.

Was great to have Telemundo (Witch Doctor’s bro) join us from NYC…F3 Central Park coming soon!  With all the pax traveling for work to NYC, that would be a popular AO!

Also awesome to have Grady and his 2.0 Superstar with us from Raleigh.  YHC used to work with him…and helped EH him #creditgrab

Gerber was getting after it for sure as I chased him back to the finish line on the track work.  Great job pushing Gerber.  Ductwork was the other part of YHC’s triumvirate during the circuit work – thankful he was pushing hard thus reducing YHC’s rep count on called exercises!

T-claps to MallCop who posted yesterday at DT and is one of the tri-Q’s at The Rock tomorrow with Iron Horse and Radar.  See everyone there!

Dear Abby, would be WB if not for Grady’s 2.0, was hitting it hard as well.  Not certain and don’t ever want to test this hypothesis #fearoffailure, but he could probably beat YHC in a race while YHC is sprinting and he’s bearcrawling. #inhuman

Thankful to Strange Brew for tapping me to Q; even more thankful for the brothers in F3.  Thanksgiving indeed.


Sign up for Area51 Christmas Party – Saturday, Dec. 12th at Sardis Swim & Racquet Club.  Food drive for Calvary food pantry.  More info to come from Mermaid.

Joe Davis 5K & 10K on Saturday, Jan. 9th – sign up fellas – you should and you need to

Keep your ears open for Toy Drive to benefit Thompson Children’s Home.  Joker Q’ing that effort but we need everyone’s involvement.



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