Save some of that mileage for me Clark

  • When:11/27/2015
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Shepherd (Respect), Turnpike, Glass Joe (QIC)

Save some of that mileage for me Clark

It’s basically an Overdrive tradition now. Well, it’s me Qing the day after Thanksgiving and wanting to run off any guilt from the day before. But, I’ve done it the last two years thus it’s a new Holiday tradition. #griswald

The Thang
Half-Hairband mile

SSH IC x 20
IW IC x 20

Enough of that mess, let’s mosey to the side of the parking lot.
‘No parking’ sign suicides. 8 signs thus 8 suicides of increasing distance

Mosey to the bus lot
Cheese weave with a forward run down and backwards run back up between the buses.

Mosey to the lot behind the elementary school
3 laps around the perimeter of the parking lot. When you meet your partner, hand-slap merkins x 10. Since we had an odd guy, the third wheel had AMRAP merkins until the other two finished.

Mosey to the back road for a #crowdpleaser.
A back road run with increasing pace. Basically, we started with a slow mosey and then every couple hundred feet, I would holler out ‘Let’s Go’ (my ode to Horsehead) and we increase pace until you are in an all-out sprint at the end. Roughly .4-.5 miles. #smoked

I get done and realize the pax are not with me. Mosey back down the road and Shepherd’s knee is hurting him from an old injury. Plans are thereby changed. #nomanleftbehind

Original plan: Two laps around the even bigger parking lot behind the high school with hand-slap merkins. Increasing pace run back down the road. Parking space suicides at the elementary school and then finish up how we ended finishing up.

New plan: With Shepherd hurting at about the furthest point away from the parking lot we can get, we do a slow mosey back down the road. I do call for TP and I to do an AYG run at one point to the intersection and then circle back for Shep.

How we finished (in both plans):
Cheese weave back between the buses.
Mosey back to the parking lot
‘No parking’ sign suicides with increasing distance. Shep did a variation of exercises during this time. (there was a plan for a sign suicide ladder up and down originally but alas, look at the time – it will happen….)

3 MOM:
Flutters IC x 20
Dolly IC x 15
Rosalita IC x 10


Thanks to Shep for taking us out.

I really appreciate Shep showing up for the 3 mile pre-run. You didn’t have to but you didn’t want me running it solo. I was showing up in case anyone didn’t get the one week only time change memo. It’s always better to run with another than solo. #brotherhood
Really hate your knee started hurting you. But you didn’t stop and finished the workout doing what you could. It’s why you are a respect even beyond your age.
We ended up at 3.8 miles. My original plan had us over 5 miles. With our pre-run, that’s 6.8 miles. Solid running effort and room cleared for all those Thanksgiving leftovers.
Great job by Turnpike and great to see you back out. Those Anson guys apparently did a number on your core and then I ran you to death. The #mumblechatter was loud during MOM but you finished strong. Great job Brother!
Drop Thrill and I on tap for Outland tomorrow.
Joe Davis run. Sign up for 5K or 10K option.
Congrats to TP for passing his physical and written tests for Charlotte police academy. Praying you get in!
Overdrive back at it’s regular 5:30 time next week.

Thanks for letting the least lead the best.

Glass Joe

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HorseheadPosted on9:52 am - Nov 28, 2015

3 + 3.8 = a lot of running. Hairband would have loved this one.

You need some more kettlebell.

Glass JoePosted on11:03 am - Nov 28, 2015

We’ll strap a kettlebell on you next year and let you run this.

Happy_a51Posted on4:33 pm - Nov 29, 2015

I hate that I missed all the fun! Would have been better that the 18+ hours of driving! I will place to be there next Thanksgiving break.

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