Q-less Dealer’s Choice

  • When:11/27/15
  • QIC: The PAX
  • The PAX: Frehleys Comet, Mighty Mite, Blades of Glory, Smash, Udder

Q-less Dealer’s Choice

5:20 on a lazy post thanksgiving Friday morning. Not a soul to be found. Run stopper must have ate himself silly or succumbed to the desire to join the mayhem that we know as Black Friday. Maybe we were just early.

4 pull in last minute and we launch. Albeit a little sad we would miss out on the classic RS burpee clinic. Frehleys grabs the mic first.

Mosey to the parking deck. Level 1 SSH x 20 (IC). Mosey to Level 2 LSS x 20 (IC). Mosey to Level 3 Mtn Climber x 20 (IC). Mosey to Level 4 Merkin x 40 OYO. Down the stairs and 4 corners with 5 Burpees per corner. Plank it up for some right and left leg up to 6inch holds. Back up the stairs to the top of the deck. Udders turn.

Karaoke left half the deck. Switch to right for next half. Take the stairs down to level 3. High knees halfway. Butt kickers rest of the way. Stairs to 2. Jump skips halfway. Backwards run rest. Down to the ground floor and over to the handicapped rails on the NW side of stadium. Rail walkers first 2 sets of rails. Watch out they are slippery. Recover to the Walsh Blvd lot. Lunge walk the lot. Jog backstretch. Frehleys and BOG take off on a AYG to the end. Backwards lunge walk the length of the entrance to stadium. Back up the deck 2 at a time steps. Over to Mighty Mite. The Pax recover while MM surveys the terrain.

First up. Lunge walk 2 parking space lengths. 2 Squats. Ladder all the way up to 10 Squats. #unsavory. Mosey back to start. Repeato bear crawl/merkins #crowdpleaser. Mighty Mite begs someone to take over and relieve us from his twisted mind full of rediculous exercises. BOG is up.

The voice of reason and experience slows things down but amped up the core. LBC x 20 (IC). Russian Twist x 14 (IC). Protractor. Freddie Mercury x 20 (IC). Dolly x 20 (IC). One more Mary?? Can’t recall. O2 deprivation was taking over. Last up Smash.

Mosey to level 3. Jump lunge x 20. Mosey to level 2. Jump squat x 20. Mosey to level 1. Something x 20. Mosey out to front of stadium. Run to first parking lot break. 10 wide arm merkins. Run to next break. 10 diamonds. Run to next break. 10 merkins. Times up. Mosey back to the start.

Moleskin: We missed everyone out there today. Triptaphan is strong this season. Strong work by everyone. Smaller groups help to make us stronger. We all pull together and work hard. Great takeout by Smash. Truly grateful for all we have.


stonehenge reg time tomorrow

convergence at the Rock for select 7 am workouts. Check the a51 app or website.

Sign up for the A51 Xmas party. 12/12. Food provided. BYOB.

Have a great weekend. Safe travels and warm wishes to all.

Udder out

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on11:02 am - Nov 28, 2015

I got RS’s tweet re a holiday flu at 8:30am. Otherwise, I would have been there. Great job by all five PAX.

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