St. Matthew Mercy Mile & Pious People’s Chair

  • When:11/25/15
  • QIC: Tuck
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Frehleys Comet, Mighty Mite, Haggis, Twister, Squid, Freon, Outback, Frasier, Teddy, Commish, Wingman, Tuck (Q)

St. Matthew Mercy Mile & Pious People’s Chair

13 men looking for frostbite on their fingers posted at The Maul and were not disappointed.


  • SSH x 25, IW x 25


Mosey behind Michael’s for rail walk aka the worm up loading dock ramp.

Mosey to St. Matthew.  Count off.  1’s and 2’s each form a team.  Plank up for instructions.

St. Matthew Mercy Mile

  • Grab a paver (or 2).  With team 1 going left and team 2 going right, run around St. Matthew 3 times (total distance = 1.0 mile), stopping at each of the 10 speed bumps for 10 civilian count exercise reps.   Lap 1: merkins (on paver), lap 2: russian twists (holding paver), lap 3: goblet squats (holding paver).  After finishing, all PAX must fall back and run/exercise with the 6 until 6 finishes.

…And Pious People’s Chair

  • People’s chair against brick wall.  Overhead presses w/ pavers x 50 IC.
  • 20 donkey kicks
  • People’s chair against brick wall.  Hold pavers out in front, moving them slowly in figure eight pattern x 10 IC.

Mosey back to the movie theater parking lot, carrying 2 or 3 pavers.


Honor to lead, as always.  The pavers were brutally cold on the fingers this morning.  Holes in every glove fingertip didn’t help.  Did anyone notice that Mighty Mite showed up dressed for work?  #laundryday  He still smoked us all.  Thanks for carrying the pavers back to the lot.  And thanks to Squid for the takeout.


  • Sign up to Q #F3TheMaul!!!!  See Wingman/Frasier or use SignUpGenius.
  • Area 51 has partnered w/ the Alexander Youth Network.  Bring toys for toy drive to every Wednesday workout between now and Christmas.  More info to follow on Twitter.
  • 4th annual Area 51 Christmas party.  12/12/15 (RSVP by 12/4 – Preblast)
  • The Brave converges at Centurion this Friday

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FrasierPosted on8:43 pm - Nov 25, 2015

Great job today Tuck. You found a way to challenge all the Pax. Frehley’s was out front today.

Haggis had some keen observations. It appears that some have already forgotten the lesson on good form.

Question of the day was “how do you carry three pavers at a time comfortably”.

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