Half a Bull empties the stomach

  • When:11/24/15
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Wing man, Ringer, JRR Tolkein, Champagne, Cable Guy, Outback, Stump Hugger, Longhaul, Teddy, Honeybee, Haggis, Frasier, Hops, Mr. Bean, Madame Tussauds, Bratwurst

Half a Bull empties the stomach

16 PAX set off in the frosty gloom on Tuesday at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant for the weekly #SpeedFest known as #F3Swift.



  • What at absolutely solid group on Tuesday morning. There have been some assemblences of speed before (more so when SIB has converged than when Fast Twitch has converged), but this time it was the Ballantyne PAX on their own. It was that the regular leaders of Honeybee, Frasier, and Haggis were there, but that Teddy & Mr. Bean decided that this also would be the day that they would push the PAX at the front. And it was a second group so large of regulars like Ringer, Cable Guy, Long Haul, and Champagne, that the returning or rotating JRR, Hops, Madame Tussauds, and Wingman pushed harder to close the gap. And the recovering from 4 hours of running on the weekend Outback and the returning to form Stumpy were there to push each other to design a workout they could feel good about.
  • In fact, at the beginning of the workout, YHC didn’t think the PAX would be up to the 9 or 10 400s planned. So much so, a way to step back was offered by setting a regroup time at 0550. Perhaps a second group would form and take a longer recovery, but the group of PAX this morning simply didn’t break up, stayed strong, and pushed it through. It was truly an effort by all that will keep us rolling towards PRs at the Joe Davis Run in 6 weeks.
  • Something about the 400s that don’t let up. Simple, straight-forward, but just brutal at that speed. Most times passing the 200 mark, you always start to sort things out – is that guy going to drop off the pace, should I catch that guy, am I tying up, am I going to spill merlot? When it’s over, do I slowly jog like nothing happened, bend over with my hands on my knees, or just hope there’s no secret “one more”?
  • This one hurt in the good way. The shoulders, legs, and other parts sore as YHC drove to the in-laws last night. But a smile on my face when thinking about what you men do for the Swift workout. Grit, determination, and more pax coming out as the temperature is dropping. Thanks for the awesome privilege to lead!


  • Thursday is Turkey Bowl / no Rebel Yell
  • Friday convergence for the Brave at Centurion / Charlotte Catholic



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HaggisPosted on12:52 pm - Nov 25, 2015

Great lead Bratwurst and nice backblast! It was a strange start with Frasier going slow due to Frisbee legs. Glad he recovered to take his place at the front for the last few laps.

JRR TolkienPosted on4:57 pm - Nov 25, 2015

Returning and rotating… I like it. Hopefully will be able to make SWIFT a more regular part of my training… Once the foot diagnosis comes back 🙁 great lead Brat.

FrasierPosted on6:16 pm - Nov 25, 2015

It was a great workout. Thanks for the push Haggis. It was good seeing the clandestine SOBs up front.

Nice of Teddy to come out of retirement to get in some laps.

Hops you are my hero. Working out for a year with a jacked up groining is impressive.

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