Caloric Deficit for Turkey

  • When:11/25/15
  • QIC: Busch
  • The PAX: Lazy Boy, Strang Brew, Floorslapper, Witch Doctor, Donkey Kong, Goonie, Hairball, Heartbreaker, Bulldog, Flutie Flakes, Daisy, Plug, Geraldo, Strawberry, Telamundo, Freedom, Marge, Sinsei, Cheesecurd, Semi-Gloss, Triple 7, Puddin' Pop, Swiper, BOGO, Brushback, Dollywood

Caloric Deficit for Turkey

Up Down Called Merkins until Puddin’ Pop rolled in

Mosey to track and do a lap at 65%

Head to the field in groups of 3
400 Merkins for the group total with one person on each end of the soccer field (120 yards) doing Merkins while the other is sprinting and tagging off
800 Single leg Speed Skater Squats with sprints
400 Dry Docks with sprints

Teams race each other in their group in 120 yard sprints, loser does 40 Merkins, 2nd does 30, winner does 20 X 2
Race as above with Dry Docks x 2
Race as above with Diamonds x 2

Mosey back to parking lot

15 yard Bear crawls with 10 Merkins every 10 steps, then do backwards Bear crawls with 10 Merkins back to the start x 2

Teams of 3 – 1 person Sprints race track style laps around cars in parking lot while the other 2 do Dry Docks until it is their turn x 2

It was a simple workout for the 27 lads that was designed to force hard efforts so everyone could eat as much turkey as they wanted tomorrow after the Turkey Bowl. I think we reached our goal, and I pray everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

All workouts converge at the Turkey Bowl tomorrow.

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