Welcome to Base Camp

  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: Heartbreaker, Daisy, Goonie, Marge, Torpedo, Fireman Ed, FNG (The Fridge Respect), Smash, Uncle Leo, Bogo, Hammer, Adobe, Curbie, Sony, Ralphie, Tawny, Booyah, Nature Boy, Triple 7 (Respect), Wing Man, Beaker, Big Tuna, Fire Hazard (QIC)

Welcome to Base Camp

23 campers headed out to see if the site FNG could Q worth a darn.

The Thang……
There was one FNG so after a disclaimer we headed into the gloom of the track. Circle up in the middle for a little warm-up (all in cadence).
20 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – Squats
20 – LBC’s

Then we partnered up with someone of the opposite propensity for speed. Run around the track in the opposite direction of your partner. When you meet up complete 5 hand slap merkins and continue around the track for 5 more on the other side. Repeato with 3 Burpees. A little Plank while waiting for the 6.

Next we hit up the four corners of the football field with in-cadence exercises.
YHC doesn’t exactly remember the exercises but I know that jump squats and merkins were mixed in there.

Then back up to the parking lot where we did a little people’s chair work. With overhead presses, arm flutters and left and right legs elevated.

Then over into the lot for some lunge walks with merkins at each light pole.
Then we completed suicides between the light poles.

Next some bear crawls and crab walks alternating between the basketball goals.

In between all of these exercises we completed quite a bit of plank and ab work.

Then we finished up with some in-cadence Mary.
Heels to the Heavens
Chippy Crosses

The Moleskin:
YHC would like to thank Fireman Ed for inviting me out to Q. It was nice going to an AO that I have only seen at a convergence and at the Southern Discomfort. Even better was being able to work out with the Area 51 folks that usually don’t make it all the way over to Ballantyne. Also, thanks to all the SOB’s that came out to support my effort. Everyone pushed to their ability and there was a good amount of heckling both of the Q and from the Q. I would encourage everyone to get out to and Q an AO that they usually don’t visit. You get to break up your comfort zone routine and meet some new PAX.
It was an honor and a pleasure to lead these fine men today.
Area Turkey Bowl – Mathews Sports Plex
Brave Converges with Centurion Friday
Saturday there are 4 sites converging
Rebel Yell Canceled
Check the schedule and email for up to date information.

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