SOFAWIB: The Foxworth Forty

  • When:11/24/15
  • QIC: Sundancer (channeling speed force from bushwood)
  • The PAX: Daisy (postnasaldrip), Swiper (underarmour hunting jammies), OneEye (WD), IronMike (cyborg), TalkBox (buzzed), BelAire (still drunk), Kirk (black lung)

SOFAWIB: The Foxworth Forty

The Foxworth Forty

Partner up and run to Foxworth (down the Summerlin hill, right on Abbotswood (the darkest street in CLT), right on Windyrush, stop at Foxworth)
Partner 1 runs to top of hill for burpees, starting at four and increment +1 per trip up.
Partner B performs 40 reps of either merkins/squats/flutters, one exercise per trip.
Run back to SWIBHQ when the bell rings at 0606.

Partners were: Daisy/YHC, IronMike/Swiper, Kirk/OneEye, TalkBox/BelAire
11 rounds get you
– 99 burpees
– Around 140 merkins, 140 squats, 140 flutters
– approximately 3 miles of running
Tclaps to the rest of the crew who snuck in one last round of burpees #masochists

Those are fun numbers. I increased the number of initial burpees up from 1 to 4, and that yielded some great results. Now next time we can also incrementally increase the number of merk-squa-fluts so people will have less time to stand around and accuse others of looking like Fred Durst.
I’m not going to get into the particulars of the usual nonsense that went down. SOFAWIB is a trust tree where people can make ridiculous fashion choices and jokes about meth cooking and trafficking illegals without fear of being judged harshly. But remember, drink more than three beers the night before posting, and you’re going to have a bad time.
Kirk still posted despite a horrendous case of cholera, and then lapped 60% of the pax. #oregontrailstrong
The workout QIC sets that bar high for everyone every week. We can all only hope to keep reaching.
Except OneEye, who does everything amazingly, and will be partnered with IronMike at the next workout (working title is “30 Minutes of Dumbocrats”). #gravityweapon
Daisy has acquired “SOFAWIB Regular” status and should be continuously insulted accordingly.
Also, because I know he’s reading this, you can’t favorite a preblast tweet and then not show up to the workout, Voodoo. #tease

I love this workout and I love this crew. And thank you for making SOFAWIB your choice for your Tuesday ass-whoopin.

– Sign up for Church On The Street (Kirk and Sundancer are HC for 12/6)
– Joe Davis Run 1/9 in Fort Mill. Sign up now and help support Rock Thrill, his family, and Keystone Substance Abuse Services.
– Metro holiday party 12/5 over near Angry Ale’s. Area51 holiday party on 12/12 at Sardis Swim and Racquet Club.
– Metro Thanksgiving convergence at AG at 0700. Sweet Six is still on at the usual time.

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DaisyPosted on3:02 pm - Nov 24, 2015

Wooohoooo, regular status! I’m sitting at my desk, pumping my fist, and doing the Arsenio Hall ‘roo,roo,roo’ chant!

BushwoodPosted on3:09 pm - Nov 24, 2015

Was primed and ready for this one…..until my 2 year old was up until 2:30.

KirkPosted on5:39 pm - Nov 24, 2015

Hold up – SOFA WIB is a judgement free zone, a “Safe Place”. We won’t tolerate call outs (deserved or not), name calling, fashion comments, drug references, human trafficking (real, imagined, or poorly worded UPS jokes), or bathroom / crass humor.

SwiperPosted on8:01 pm - Nov 24, 2015

This really is 2nd F at its finest. I missed Voodoo, Bushwood, and Brushback. I would also like to recommend that Sundancer write every BB. I lol when I read them, every time.

Aside: My keyless entry key battery was dead when I got back to the Korean Cadillac this morning. I unlocked the car and the horn started blaring. I drove all the way home with said horn blaring. I felt like I was committing a crime. I found myself rehearsing at the light, “But officer this is my car.”

@Kirk, please address your whooping cough prior to returning. @Daisy, you brought the methane competition. Dare you to bring it next week, #knowthyenemy. @Sundancer, note: human trafficking is a felony. @BushBrushVoodoo, won’t you come back? Was it something I said?

SwiperPosted on8:09 pm - Nov 24, 2015

And yes, I’ll be at Church on the Street. HC.

VoodooPosted on4:21 pm - Dec 7, 2015

Wow, I can’t believe I missed the call out above. I do remember favoriting the pre-tweet, but then I stayed up late helping my M pack for our Thanksgiving trip to see my family and I fartsacked. #Cobains

Last week I had to take my M to the surgery center early for an appointment with Dr. Fleischli (thanks for the rec, Swiper).

Looking forward to getting back out to the SWIB tomorrow morning.

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