Skunkworks – Sausage Balls

  • When:11/24/15
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Frosty Paws, Sanka, Retread, Young Love, ExLax, Destiny (respect), Sony, Yeti, Arena, Smokey, Stone Cold, Fletch, Tackling Dummy, Spackler, Dollywood, Peacock, Witch Dr., Puddin' Pop, Pop Tart, Harley

Skunkworks – Sausage Balls

20 men showed up for an early Thanksgiving feast. Here’s what we enjoyed.

– IW
– Lap from bottom of stairs, up to road, around entrance sign and back

Appetizer Course – Sausage Balls
– 10 KB squats
– 10 KB swings
– 10 merkins
– 10 rounds
– run a lap

Vegetables – sweet potatoes and green bean cassserole
– 5 snatches each arm
– 5 KB lunges each leg
– 10 jump squats
– 8 minutes, as many rounds as you got
– run a lap

Meats – turkey and ham, take down some protein
– Partner up with like-sized KB
– Double swings x10, partner plank
– Double KB lunges x10, partner plank
– Double KB high pulls x10, partner planks
– 2 sets, run a lap

Desserts – pies of all flavors
– 5 KB Louganis
– 10 KB Russian Twists
– 10 LBCs
– 5 minutes, as many rounds as you got

Good to get excited about the next couple of days of Thanksgiving. I hope you guys have a great holiday. The sausage ball appetizer was pretty aggressive, no need for warm clothes after a couple of minutes.

Announcements – Thanksgiving flag football game is at Matthews Sportsplex, need a couple of refs. Friday convergence at South Charlotte Middle with Jevlar and Mountain Goat.



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FletchPosted on3:54 pm - Nov 24, 2015

Enjoyed the Thankgiving theme Harley. You’re right, I think most of us filled up on the appetizer. Strong work by all. Stonecold tweeted the PreRun, joined by Dollywood and I for a nice warmup run down 51. We’ll bring that back into the rotation.

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