“Long and slow, short and sweet”

  • When:11/24/15
  • QIC: Soul Glo
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg, Purple Haze, Buttermaker, Swayze, Fault Line, Alf, Mermaid, Cain, Prohibition, Geraldo, Iron Sides, Hairball, Margo, Gummy, Joker, Booyah, Gerber, Baracus, Van Pelt, Utah, Lex Luther, Soul Glo

“Long and slow, short and sweet”

Sophomoric humor was on display this morning at Fast Twitch. So were tights, but we’ll get to that.

YHC wanted to give the other 21 pax a variety of running drills. The idea was to get the heart rate up but still log some miles. Apparently “Long and slow, short and sweet,” wasn’t the most eloquent description. Still, that’s what we did, to the tune of between 5.8 and 6 miles.

Two laps around the SCMS parking lot with a mix of forward running, backwards running, high knees and butt kicks.

Group run South on Strawberry, stopping at the bottom of Colburn Court.

11’s on Colburn – squats at the bottom, knee slappers/high knees/knee tucks (or just bend over and touch your knees) at the top.

Mosey in the other direction up towards the intersection of Colburn and Bevington.

Partner up for Catch Me If You Can. Partner One runs down Bevington towards Rea, Partner Two does 10 walking lunges then chases down partner one. R&R until both partners reach the corner of Bevington and Rea.

Mosey up Rea to Calvary, Entrance 4, for the Triple-Triple

Run up the driveway backwards, one-legged squat at top, run back down forwards, other leg squat at bottom X 3

Group run back up Rea to corner of 51. First 11 to arrive take off for an Indian Run to the Davie Park entrance then jailbreak back to SCMS parking lot. The second group does the same. Swayze does his own thing.


Great group this morning and great effort. Lots of innuendos, which, as men, we’ll apparently never outgrow. I received a text yesterday from the co-site Q (the one that sends all the emails, not the fast one) more or less egging me on to lead a track workout. Not sure if he really wanted to run in circles this morning or if he just wanted to watch me defend myself against what would’ve surely been an unhappy group. I didn’t take the bait and after teasing it on the Twitter it’s a good thing. One pax even went as far as tweeting that maybe today would be a good day to attend Swift. Gloves off. To their credit, all the Twitter bullies showed up this morning even with a track workout still on the table (as far as they knew). You know who you are – good to see you all.
As we all know it was a little chilly this morning – like long sleeves and toboggan chilly, not tundra chilly. Still, there were a few pax in tights. I won’t out you in this post but Gummy put it best when he asked “what are you going to do when it actually gets cold?” Still, even with tight pants on display, the most offensive article of clothing was Baracus’ hat.
Appreciate the opportunity to lead such a fine group this morning. It’s been several weeks since I’ve been out to FT and today was a good reminder of what I’ve been missing. Looking forward to next time.

– Sign up for the Christmas party (on the Website or contact Geraldo)
– Sign up for Thanksgiving football (contact Spackler or Brown)
– Sign up to be the Toy Q for a local toy drive (contact Joker for details)

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BaracusPosted on9:33 pm - Nov 24, 2015

What? The hat??? My Steelers toboggan is timeless. Only a Cowboys fan would say such a thing!

ProhibitionPosted on9:40 pm - Nov 24, 2015

#notrack is now officially a thing. #notracktuesday should be a rule. Regardless, great Q SG. The 11’s sucked.

Soul GlowPosted on9:45 pm - Nov 24, 2015

At least your from Pitt, Baracus. That’s fair game – unfortunate, but still fair. Who Dey!

Yeah, Pro, 11’s always sound good until about the fourth trip up the hill. I think going hard up a hill is just as valuable as running in circles. I’ll buy the t-shirt when you patent #notracktuesday.

BaracusPosted on10:29 pm - Nov 24, 2015

Oh, a Cinci fan? Wasn’t sure they existed until this year.

Great workout today SG! I will just reinforce the fact that the 11s were horrible.

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