SOFAWIB Preblast: The Foxworth Forty

  • When:11/24/15
  • QIC: Sundancer
  • The PAX: ?

SOFAWIB Preblast: The Foxworth Forty

Bring your layers tomorrow.

Partner up and run to Foxworth (right out of OP, right on Summerlin, right on Abbotswood, right on Windyrush – stop at Foxworth +/- 1 mile)

Partner 1 runs the Foxworth Hill (up to Bedfordshire) and does burpees. Start with four and then add an additional one each trip up the hill.

While Partner 1 runs, Partner 2 does 40 reps of each exercise: merkins (during 1st trip), squats (next), flutters (next), then repeat.

At 6:07, stop and run the mile back the way you came (Nascar style, all lefts).

We rally at Olde Providence Elementary at 0520. We launch at 0530.

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