Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

  • When:11/23/15
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: Coco (FNG - Mike H.), C3PO, Frehley's Comet, Wild Turkey, Mighty Mite, Loogie, Vice, Chanel, Voodoo (QIC)

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

9 SOBs met in the chilly gloom this morning for their weekly installment of KB-induced pain at Foxhole. The pain started early with Frehley’s showing up in COP modeling the latest in lumberjack workout gear. It consisted of an oversized, insulated flannel shirt and loose tights (oxymoron?) with shorts somewhere in between. After some good-natured heckling, Frehley’s dropped the flannel. Thankfully, he didn’t drop the tights.

We had an FNG and a few friendly, relatively new guys, so a disclaimer was delivered.

Leave the bells in the lot and run down the side street between the school and the trailers. At the playground, start side shuffling left. Switch to side shuffle right when we get to the end of the playground. At the back corner, switch to backward run. Where the sidewalk ends, switch back to forward run and head back to COP for warm up.


  • 20x 2H Swings OYO
  • 10x Good Mornings
  • 10x Halos – 5 each direction
  • 10x Snatches each arm
  • 5x prying squats

Leave the bells again and all you got back down the road between the school and the trailers, around the back and up the side to the picnic tables. 50 dips OYO on the picnic benches. Run back the same way to the bells.

Main Thang:

Lock out the bells overhead and carry them to the back of the school building on the picnic table side. Partner up (size and speed don’t matter). P1 will run across the four basketball courts to the farthest white line, then come back. P2 will perform the called exercise. Flapjack until the cumulative total is reached.

  • Exercise 1: 100 snatches
  • Exercise 2: 200 cleans
  • Exercise 3: 300 2H swings

Some LBCs were performed between sets to allow teams to finish up.

Out of time, hustle back for COT.

Thanks, Wild Turikey, for the take out.


YHC was DR this weekend and wasn’t feeling particularly creative at 10pm on Sunday night, so I resorted to my usual tricks of “recycling” another workout that I thought looked good. This one was from Fletch last week at Skunkworks. I made some very slight modifications (no one likes walking lunges anyway), but kept the good stuff (100 snatches – yes, please).

Coco (our FNG) and the other newer guys (C3PO and Vice) weren’t intimidated by all the reps and worked hard throughout the whole workout. Mighty Mite did his best Larry Bird impression, beasting through the 50 dips, then saying “that’s stupid” when YHC told him we had to go back around the school building the long way. #symmetry Wild Turkey and YHC made the wise choice of partnering with Chanel, who flew through the exercises – less for us. Loogie cursed my name during the sprints, but what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.

Thanks to Chanel for keeping an eye on the newer guys out there. He hung back and instructed, allowing YHC to keep the workout moving.


  • Area 51 Turkey Bowl @ Matthews Sportsplex this Thursday morning. Let Spackler and/or Brown know by the end of the day which team you’re on. Gear vs. Boot Camp vs. Running.
  • Area 51 Christmas Party @ Sardis Swim & Raquet on December 12. Sign up so Geraldo and Baracus can get a count. The pre-blast is here.
  • Area 51 Holiday Toy Drive for Alexander Youth Network – Details to come.
  • 4th Annual Joe Davis Run – January 9th in Fort Mill. Options include 1 mile fun run, 5k and 10k options. Supporting Keystone Substance Abuse Services. The pre-blast can be found here.


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ChanelPosted on4:08 pm - Nov 23, 2015

That was great Voodoo. I personally love the mix of KB and running to get the best of both but not too much that I hate it and curse the Q. It was a perfectly brutal workout.

Great to have the new guys out there, especially considering it was 27 degrees. You know you’re in it to win it when you wake up at 5am and decide to brave those conditions just to better yourself. Well done!

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