Fairwell Nesbit

  • When:11/23/15
  • QIC: Dasher
  • The PAX: Transporter, Frack, McStuffin, Short Circuit, T-Ball, Popeye, Dasher

Fairwell Nesbit

SSH x 25 IC

MTC x 25 IC

LBC x 25 IC

Plank Jack x 25 IC

Merkin x 20 IC


High Knees 15 yrds

Butt Kicks 15 yrds

Burpee x 10



Run to the first road by the school.

Run to every third mailbox

10-jump lunge

10 merkins

10 dying coach roach


End of road plank

Rotate high to elbows


Millbridge parking lot

Hill run x 8

At the bottom of the first 4

15 Derkins

LBC x 20 IC

Plank Jack x 20 IC

Bicycle x 20 IC

At the bottom of the second 4

15 Dips


3 Laps around the Millbridge parking lot

Lap 1

10 Jump Squats


10 Hand release Merkins



Lap 2

10 Monkey Humpers


10 Hand release Derkins



Lap 3

10 LBC


10 CDD


Run gravel road back to parking lot

10 MTC

10 LBC

rinse and repeat

We said farewell to Nesbit Park this morning with a major beatdown.  It will be one the PAX won’t forget.  Looking forward to our new AO Cuthbertson Middle school.  We will need to welcome that next Monday with a big F3 welcome.

What can I say about the Pax.

McStuffin is a beast, he really pushes the PAX is all aspect of the workout.

Transporter is Mr. consistency, always at the front helping motivate the Pax.  Not sure he was a fan of the Monkey Humpers today but who is.

Short Circuit has come along way since he first started his F3 workouts.  Pretty soon he will be running his own workout.  Thats what happens when you commit to 3 days a week.

T-Ball, I can’t really talk about the a guy that wears a sweat shirt with “the team up north” however I think he is a little confused.  He wore a Michigan St. shirt Saturday and Maze and blue one today.  Enough said!

Popeye. I am not sure but I think he took a spill on one of the speed bumps on the dark gravel road this morning.

Frack has volunteered to lead one of the workouts in the upcoming weeks.  Know his workout style it will be a major beatdown.

Thank you for taking us out Short Circuit.

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