In the embiggening, there were two

  • When:11/12/15
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: Arena, Probation, Sanka, Pele, Gullah, Turkey Leg, Hacker, Smokey, Balance, Fletch, Voodoo (QIC)

In the embiggening, there were two

Two kettlebells, that is. YHC has missed a lot of Meathead workouts lately (travel, fartsacking, early school drop offs, etc.), so felt the need for some doubles. Apologies to the PAX that had to suffer through it.

DISCLAIMER GIVEN (YHC usually forgets, so I wanted to point this out for legal purposes)


  • Alternating swings until the Q calls time
  • Good mornings x 10
  • Halos x 10 each way
  • Prying squat x 5 (go low, hold it, lean side to side)


Partner up by KB size, common interests, similar hygienic standards, etc. Each partnership must complete the called number of reps of each exercise. Partner 1 works while Partner 2 dreads his turn. Flapjack until complete.

  • Double swings x 100
  • Double snatch x 50
  • Double racked squat x 100
  • Double clean x 100
  • Double OH press x 50
  • Double high pull x 100

COT – thanks to Smokey for the take out.


  1. Joe Davis Run is coming up on January 9th. Sign ups are open now. Pre-blast is here. There will be a lot of F3 participation and it’s for a great cause. Please consider signing up to sleep in if you’re a true meathead and don’t want to run.
  2. Area 51 Christmas party scheduled for December 12th. Pre-blast is here. Please register so Geraldo and Baracus can get a count for planning purposes. This should be a great chance to get some 2nd F with your F3 brothers without them sweating on you. Ms are also welcome, so you can ask them why they married a bunch of weirdos like us.


As is YHC’s custom, this workout is a complete rip-off of a previous workout I “enjoyed.” TR led it several months ago and it seemed about time to bring it back. I was also traveling last week and busy this week, so plagiarism seemed better than the other options (i.e., pretending I wasn’t the Q, fartsacking, etc.). I don’t think there was too much overlap in  the PAX list, so hopefully no one minded. When TR led, we did another 50 snatches and 20 swings, but we ran out of time this morning. I don’t think anyone minded.

Strong work by all partnerships today.

  • Arena and Probation were throwing around some good-sized bells and making short work of all the reps. Probation audibled to double KB merkins on the squats to prevent further knee damage. #nicepecs
  • Sanka and Pele were cruising through the sets and Sanka showed off his new narrow stance double high pulls. I have no idea how he got the bells up there without the momentum, but it seemed to be working for him. #watchyourknees
  • Gullah, TL and Hacker kindly formed a triumvarate to solve our odd number issues. They also did extra reps to make sure no one felt shorted. #iam3rd
  • Balance and Smokey were working the double bells. They’re either relatively new to kettlebells or I just hadn’t seen them due to my own absences, but they dove right in, audibling to singles where necessary. #newbiestrong
  • YHC was fortunate enough to partner with Fletch, who flew through the exercises so fast I was still out of breath when we flapjacked. Thanks, brother. I’m not quite sure how Fletch is one of the fastest PAX in Area 51 (or is it F3?) yet can still swing the heavy bells. Is he on the Russian Olympic team or something? #CCCP

Thanks to our humble (and well-slept) site Qs, Brown and High Tide, for giving YHC the opportunity to lead the PAX this morning. It’s always an honor to work out with the solid crew at Meathead. I hope to see some of you join us down at Foxhole on Mondays. I know Turkey Leg needs another day of weights since he’s Fast Twitching on Tuesdays. Full disclosure: you will probably do some running at Foxhole.

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FletchPosted on1:53 pm - Nov 13, 2015

Tough one Voodoo – certainly worthy of recycling that weinke. Doubles are a staple at Meathead and they are painful for days. Enjoyed it.

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