Flipper and the case of the belated backlist

  • When:11/07/15
  • QIC: Flipper
  • The PAX: Flute Flakes and his FNG 2.0 (Heretofore will be called Recess), Fragile, Boudevours, Safelite, Bogo, Deadlift, Deep Dish

Flipper and the case of the belated backlist

In life we are confronted with many things, two of which are responsibilities and circumstances.  A perfect example of this is the past weekend.  YHC had the responsibility, nay the privilege, of posting ye olde backblast after Qing the mightiest Saturday AO in southern Charlotte.  Following the necessary beatdown, a summary was called for yet circumstances of a cranky 2.0, a house full of chores, visiting friends and one of the greatest victories in cardiac cat history were allowed to be a distraction.  Thusly we arrive at mid-week and nary a word was written to describe the feats of strength and determination demonstrated by 8 worthy min on this Saturday past.  Allow me to remedy said circumstance with a penitent heart and an earnest will.

Some Exposition:  Given the all knowing, yet oft mistaken weathermen, had forecast no rain in the early AM I had planned for a field based workout, yet the patter of h20 descending from the heavens as I drove towards the AO required an audible.  As such we ended up with something similar to a choose your own adventure book, Flipper Q style… A bit messy to say the least.

The Thang:

Mosey from the cars at the crack of 7 to make a COP down near the rock pile

Imperial Walker X20

Peter Parker X20 Hold plank, 10 seconds in 6 inches

Parker Peter X 20 Hold Plank, 10 seconds in 6 inches

Mtn Climber X15 Hold Plank, 10 seconds in 6 inches


Grab a manly rock and head down towards the main entrance while doing curls with the rock in cadence

Pause at the mid way point and count off in 2s, 1s did up-down suicides (dropping to the ground every time you change directions) whiles 2s planked, flapjack

As the rain began we proceeded to the back wall of the shelter, over head pressing our rocks as we went. 1s held chair and completed overhead presses while 2s completed balls-to-the-wall pushups, flapjack.

Mosey half way down the balance of the distance to the main entrance, place the rocks around the road sign then proceed to the very front lot.  Inch worm suicide commenced, walking hands out to high plank then jumping feet up to meet your hands.  At the turn around mosey back to start then resume inching.  This was met with some grumbling and the worst form in the west, but it was done as we continued to saturate from the increasing rainfall.

In a single file the pax proceeded in indian run, then backpedal, then grapevine until we reached the parking lot adjacent to north face. Here we completed wind-sprints of the same styles (forward, backward and side to side) holding plank against the curb in between.  Once again with the same rotation of running methods we headed towards our rocks, stopping just short to hear from our old buddy Jack Webb X 7

Once we reached our little rock pile, it was catch me if you can with merkins to return them to the big rock pile, this had to happen twice of course due to the count of granite chunks so all we got back to the littler pile and then catch me if you can again with jump squats.

A bit of a run back to the cars and some merry to wrap the morning.  It was hard to tell the rain from the sweat when we finished but the pain was real and YHC was grateful to have doled it out so copiously.


It was fun to try and come up with an interesting workout on the fly as I did not wish to destroy the fine fields of Calvary in the soaking rain.  Some will say it wasn’t so interesting and they may be right, my creative process requires what you would call deliberation.  On a morning where many Pax may have stayed abed, I was encouraged to see 9, a goodly number.  I was even more impressed as they railed into the storm in a Lt. Dan-like performance of weather defiance and nary a word was said in complaint.  The only failure of the day was YHCs forgetfulness to post these words, an oversight which I’ve now laid to rest, albeit a half week in the arrears.

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