Preblast: 11/11 Veteran’s Day Convergence at Anvil

  • When:11/11/2015
  • QIC: Hops, Purple Haze, Semi-Gloss, Baracus
  • The PAX: Men of Anvil, Dromedary, The Charge, The Maul, Death Valley, and all other men who post

Preblast: 11/11 Veteran’s Day Convergence at Anvil

Death Valley, The Maul, Dromedary, and The Charge will converge at Anvil 11/11 for Veteran’s Day.

Calvary Church: 5801 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

Hops, Purple Haze, Baracus, and Semi-Gloss are QIC’s.

You will see most of the Calvary campus and will participate in 4 distinct sets at various AO locations.


  1. Parking Lot nearest entrance 1 (Purple Haze)
  2. Parking lot next to launch lot on Entrance 3 side (Semi-Gloss)
  3. North Face or general vicinity of NF (Baracus)
  4. Pavilion/CHAMPS field (Hops)

You will move through this rotation in a clockwise direction, regardless of where you start.  We will do a brief COP and count off by 4’s.   You will follow your Q by number (above) and get after it.  You will spend approximately 9 minutes per pain station.

Time: 0530-0615

0515 early start option with Snowflake on Q for extra credit


It is through the service of the men and women of the US Armed Forces that we are afforded the life and liberties that we enjoy.  For information regarding Veterans by military engagement, click HERE

F3 has long been a sponsor of Operation Enduring Warrior.  To learn more and consider a donation, click HERE


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ChampagnePosted on10:40 am - Nov 9, 2015

Looking forward to the beat down fellas – In for the extra credit.

KirkPosted on12:08 pm - Nov 9, 2015

Glad this is normal start time.

Also, count me in for Coffeeteria somewhere to follow

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