30-30-1 Intervals at The Goat

  • When:11/6/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Sensei, Tiger Rag, Nomad, Stay Puft, Booyah, Retread, Kilowatt, Frasier, Sony, Slim Fast

30-30-1 Intervals at The Goat

10 Mountain Goats gathered in the warm and misty gloom of South Charlotte/Raintree for another installment of F3 Mountain Goat fun.  After disclaiming, we took off for Strawberry Ln for a classic crowd favorite 30-30-1 Intervals.  This is how it went down:
1.  Warm-up jog down Strawberry Ln to gravel road and back.  Stop at speed hump for stretching, and then starting point for intervals.
2.  The intervals were as follows
1 Set =
:30-sec run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start
:30-sec run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start
1:00-minute run at I-pace, recovery jog back to start
We did 5 Sets
3.  Fake cool-down back down Strawberry Ln for finale of 2:00 I-pace run back to SCMS.  Recover jog into parking lot.
4.  Final Stretching as demonstrated by Tiger Rag

DONE!  We covered approx. 5.1 miles!  Awesome job!

Great job once again on what I consider to be a tough workout.  This is definitely a workout you wouldn’t probably do on your own, but well worth it when you’re done!

You guys keep getting faster and stronger!  Booyah was right with Sensei and I for the majority of the intervals!  Booyah is coming off a strong finish at the Charlotte Airport Runway 5K last weekend.

Great to see Kilowatt back after a week off, and sporting a nifty new piece of technology that will vault him into a half or full marathon within the next 2 years for sure!

Nomad joined us about 30-minutes in, and promised to stay after and make-up any missed intervals!  He is preparing for his first Spartan Race next week… strong, brother!

Of course, Retread, Sony, Stay Puft and Sensei always bring it solid!  And honored as always to have CEO Tiger Rag join us, plus special guest, AKA the fastest guy in Area 51, Frasier!

Be sure to use the pace calculator to get an idea of how fast you should be running these intervals.  We will likely return to the track next week and utilize the iPad stopwatches that can help you “dial-in” the pace that is ideal for your running level.  http://runsmartproject.com/calculator/#modRep

Thanks to Stay Puft for the prayer out!

1.  Joe Davis Run 5k or 10k – Jan 9…. everyone in Mountain Goat is pre-qualified!  Get signed up!
2.  Turkey Bowl – Thursday Thanksgiving.  Let Slim Fast or Strange Brew know if you are here and want to be on a team.
3.  Convergence at Anvil next Wednesday 5:30 for Veteran’s Day
4.  Brew Ruck on Saturday Nov 14… see pre-blast from Dora
5.  F3 Area 51 Christmas Party on Saturday 12/12.  Look for sign-ups soon.

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FrasierPosted on4:24 pm - Nov 6, 2015

Always a great way to start a weekend. Thank you for leading Slimfast.

Hope to see something you guys out that other running workout.

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