Getting shorter by the mile

  • When:11/03/15
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Frasier, Bratwurst, Honeybee, Haggis, OneNiner (War Baby), Cable Guy, Abacus (War Daddy), Strange Brew, Stump Hugger, Mr.Bean, SoftPretzel

Getting shorter by the mile

#F3Swift, not #TaylorSwift

The 11 men of Swift decided on Tuesday AM that the threat of rain and Fall coolness would not deter them from getting after some speed.

The Thang:

  • 0445 Honeybee seeking #haggislike miles these days ventured out on his own.
  • 0500 next early crew figured out how to leave on time without a Site Q. #grownmen They found a mile or so of the Business Park. YHC found the lot empty at 0501 so foolishly tried to find early crew. After 1.5mi or trying, he found them 100m from the lot. Catch breath. Time to go again.
  • 0515 full complement of hearty rain averse PAX set out for the bridge over 521.
  • 1mile later, stop for skipping. First heels, toes, then ballerina skip, A-skip, Baskin, and a stride.
  • All out and back:
    • 5min I-pace, 4min recovery jog
    • 2x4min I pace, 3min recover
    • 2x3min I pace, 2min recover
  • Cooldown back to the Vine. Elbow Plank (what?!) for the six. 30 seconds more.
  • COT


  • Interval time was overall only 1 min longer than last week, but the 5 and 4’s will take it out of you if done too fast. Also, with shorter recovery (1 less than interval), definitely a step up from last week.
  • I pace is called “hard” because it is. #duh . Only being able to talk a sentence at a time or less means max exertion for the relatively short distance (less than a mile). Doing these out and back make the PAX keep things honest. If you are passing PAX on the way back, you either consciously picked it up like Mr. Bean, or you were sure and steady of your pace like Abacus and One-Niner.
  • Soft Pretzel had bloodhound skills for sniffing his way to find the PAX. He said he ran in some loops for a while (guessing to pick up the scent trail) , but he found us just as it was about to get real.
  • Working out on the same Hill once again with the Bagpipe brethren, they probably think (with the exception of sometime Swifters Wing(space)man) that all we do is easily jog up and down Dunreggan Brae. Probably encouraged Tuck in COT to say he would join us soon. #baitandswitch
  • Frasier was back from a Swift sabbatical, but hasn’t lost a step. He may have breathed once or twice through his mouth as he was trying to get YHC to talk about something. This made the less than a sentence pace a reality for YHC, but proved Frasier must get oxygen in other ways.
  • Chipotle messed up his perfect attendance streak by not posting today, but he was replaced by Haggis who found it necessary to disregard any prodding of don’t go out too fast on the 5 minute interval. When we almost ran out of road, we turned back on that one. The only saving grace being that knowing the ending point was back where we started. No cones to miss, no watch to listen for. If you did it right, then you would run out of bridge.
  • Kotters to Cable Guy. Great to see him back out after an extended absence. Working hard, looking smooth, and getting back into form.
  • No cameras on the overpass for the skipping warm-up. Why do you think YHC leads the warm-up from the front? So he doesn’t have to see a bunch of grown men skipping…
  • Cobain on the lateness of this Backblast. You were all probably faster than YHC on this one. Since no one took up the offer to Ghost Write, it’s probably going to have to come down to a Backblast by comments if this gets any later. Not sure YHC will like those Comments…
  • Stumphugger suggested that if anyone really wanted to know what went on, they could check Strava and view the 5 or so records of the workout. You would find Brew’s proof that running a timed mile helps with pacing because it helps to set a goal (solid and consistent), you’d find Stumpy pushing the limits of navigation each week, Honeybee and his crazy miles, and Bratwurst with nothing (watch fail this week and the failsafe Frasier doesn’t post updates to Strava).

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AbacusPosted on7:57 pm - Nov 6, 2015

I know I had a witty comment on Tuesday after this workout, but now I have forgotten it. That or the 7+ miles (counting pre-run) caused me to black it all out.

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