Pre-blast – Running back “The Smokey”

  • When:11/03/15
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: To be determined

Pre-blast – Running back “The Smokey”

Gents – there are a crap ton of excuses not to post in the morning.  Yes, it will be wet, if not raining.  Yes, MNF is in Charlotte, and the eyes of the NFL-loving public will be on the Panthers.  And yes, this workout is a re-run.  It is a non-stop, solo grind that is definitely not for the faint of heart.

With that said, we’re running back an original called “The Smokey” – name makes more sense with the video.  We will be going Nascar style and turning left out of OP to run the mile down to Providence Lane West. For those unfamiliar, this half-mile long road has a slight hill with five side streets.

Route: Strava map – love the elevation graph

Mosey down Providence Lane West and complete the following at each side street: 20 jump squats, 20 merkins, 20 knee ups (A little twenty twen twen). 100 of each per trip.

At Lancer, turn around and run up to Rea (no stops – this is a pure run / AYG up the hill). Then repeat the whole set.

Complete 3 sets #stretchgoal, or at 6:06, run back to OP. First one back leads Mary until all are back.

Total of +/- 5.3 miles with some decent elevation change, 300 jump squats, 300 merkins, and 300 knee ups, if completed.

On its maiden voyage, I believe a few of us hit 2+ complete sets covering +/- 4.8 miles with 200 each of the exercises, so yes, there will be running and a bunch of exercises.  And… it may be raining.  And… I’m setting odds of an unnamed member of the pax spilling merlot, after enjoying tonight’s game, at 3:2 (must be present to win).

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