Lobsta Roll special…

  • When:10/30/15
  • QIC: Lobsta Roll
  • The PAX: Lobsta Roll, Uncle Leo, Smokie, Squid, Geraldo, Header, Double Ds, Joystick (FNG), Alf, Pop Tart, Baracus, Lex Luther, Fault Line, Mr Brady, Back Office, Blazing Saddles, Yedi, Peacock, Dogwood, Sweenie Tot, Hacker, Good Hands, Hacker

Lobsta Roll special…

22 of So. Charlotte’s finest decided enjoy the gloom with QIC this fine Friday. With this being QIC’s 2nd Q if the week, I had to dig deep in my bag of tricks for one of my old favorites. Simple yet brutal…and a Lobsta Roll workout with no burpees!

It took a bit for the PAX to catch on to this repeat workout and when they finally did I saw Halloween horror on faces all around. I do respect this group for hanging in there with me this morning….Here it is

Mosey from the parking lot down to the track for a warm-up lap and circle up at mid-field.

All exercises were done in cadence for 25 counts. Each exercise was followed by 25 merkins and after each set a lap around the track
1 – SSH (total merkins = 25)
2 – SSH & IW (total merkins = 50)
3- SSH, IW & Squats (total merkins = 75)
4- SSH, IW, Squats & LBCs (total merkins = 100)
5- SSH, IW, Squats, LBC & Sister Mary Catherine (total merkins = 125)
6- SSH, IW, Squats & LBCs (total merkins = 100) ****Ran out of time on this set

Total merkins = 475

Great work by all out there…That’s a lot of merkins!!

Christmas Party
Joe Davis run
Food/Can drive
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