• When:10/26/15
  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: Love Boat, One Eye, Semi Gloss, Baracus, Runstopper, Big Stein, Pothole, SOB (Son of Byford), BOA (Brother of Al), Mary Mary, YU Buggin' UB Illin', Peter Piper, Dumb Girl


Who’s [sic] house?”  Not Run’s; Bushwood’s, to see if he planned to show up (Wake Up: ticky, tocky, ticky tocky).  But 7 others posted for a workout that was tougher than leather.  Hard Times, indeed.

WARM UP: Run a half mile toward The Ave., then run a half mile back to the start.

WARM UP Complete.  Here We Go


  • 2 rounds each — P1: Hairburner x 50 yards; Partner 2: Merkins
  • 1 hot lap around the church (a little over 1/3 mile but not quite Two Fifths)
  • 3 rounds each — P1: Hairburner x 50 yards; Partner 2: Squats (Slow and Low)
  • 2 hot laps around church (2/3 mile)
  • 4 rounds each —  P1: Hairburner x 50 yards; Partner 2: Core, pax choice
  • 3 hot laps around church (1 mile)

Pause, regroup for the six.  Mosey home.



  • Almost four miles and a heaping plate of hairburners: Perfection.
  • Good to see the smaller numbers. With more than 16 at hairburners, it’s tricky to keep everyone busy (not to mention rock a rhyme).
  • Thanks to #LIDZ for handing off the Q (and stalking me on Strava). The mere possibility of strength training drove him to stay out late AND volunteer for 6 AM “jury duty.”
  • Cobains for the tardy BB.  Sometimes It’s like that.


“Cause Calvin Klein’s no friend of mine
Don’t want nobody’s name on my behind
Lee on my legs, sneakers on my feet
D by my side and Jay with the beat”  

Rock Box


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VoodooPosted on11:25 am - Oct 27, 2015

Solid workout and backblast. Someone has an interesting Youtube search history.

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