10 Guys + I

10 Guys + I

  • When: 10/22/15
  • QIC: Tawney
  • The PAX: Insomniac, Retread, Squid, Geraldo, Sensei, Freedom, Nomad, Short Circuit, Smokey

To get things started right, we started with some stretches. Then mosey’d to the parking lot, running around the church.

10 – Merkins
20 – Low Slow Squats
8   – Merkins
20 – Side Straddle Hops
6   – Merkins
20 – Imperial Walkers
4   – Merkins
10 – Mountain Climbers
2   – Merkins

The Main Thang:
Mosey to the end of the parking lot. Partner up and grab a rock. First partner runs suicides (1st light pole, back, 2nd light pole, back, and entire length, and back) while the second does called exercise with the rock.
1st exercise – Bicep curls
2nd exercise – Shoulder presses
3rd exercise – Low slow squats
4th exercise – Merkins while pressing rock on ground with alternating arms

Mosey to back parking lot.
Starfish (four corners):
15 squats in the middle
1st corner  – 15 Merkins
2nd corner – 15 LBCs
3rd corner – 15 jump squats (Sister Mary Catherine)
4th corner – 15 Wide arm merkins

Rinse and repeat. This time with 8 reps throughout.

Mosey to grab some wall. One minute on the wall. Then one minute on the wall with 50 arm presses.

Mosey to front parking lot. 15 LBCs and 15 Flutters.


December 12th – F3 Christmas party  – Sardis Swim and Tennis Club.

November 14th –  Team Spearhead, Brew Ruck Heavy….don’t be intimidated…it’s a food drive, and your “heavy” is based only on what canned goods you can carry.

Finally, in January,  Joe Davis Run is coming up…stay tuned….


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Drop Thrill
5 years ago

Was this for Peak 51? You may want to check that box. 😀

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