Trip around the AO

  • When:10/22/2015
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Jamboree, Egypt, Good Hands, A-Bomb, Pudding Pop, Daisey, Ironsides, Commodore, Red Rocks, Backdraft, Queen

Trip around the AO

12 men took to the workout like a bear takes to salmon

The thing

Run around to summerlin and COP at the corner of Summerlin and Abbotswood

25 SSH – CAD – Whisper
20 MC – CAD
10 Merkins – CAD

Run over to Foxworth

11’s on the hill – Merkins and the top and Squats down at the bottom.

Run up Windyrush and over to the church.

Rock Work –
Chest Presses – 25 CAD
Curls – 20 CAD

Partner Work
One partner runs while the other does the called excercise
1. 200 Tricep extensions
2. 200 Curls

Mary – 15 LBC’s, 20 (don’t know what they are called but one leg on other knee cruches….learned from Kirk)

Finale – Curls till failure OR 100 whichever comes first



It all started at Death Valley when Puddin asked me to q by trying to use his fingers to spell a “Q” #no. In all seriousness it was a great day to lead and I am appreciative of the opportunity. Hydra is such a great spot to q because there are a TON of things to do out there. You will always get at least 3 miles in (thanks to Ironsides for keeping track) and if you haven’t had a chance to do it please get with Good Hands or Pudding pop and sign up.

There was some new faces and old favorites out there as well. Always good to mix it up and hit a few workouts that you aren’t used to.

Jamboree as always runs in….that Man is a machine. Daisy is running in to every workout as well.

On a side note, I don’t think there is anyone in the tent over at the pumpkin patch because I imagine we would have gotten yelled at by them if they were in there.


3rd f – Monday’s – Dunkin Dounuts at the corner of Rea and Colony.

Mud run this weekend.

Brave is converging with Centurion tomorrow.

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Puddin PopPosted on9:11 am - Oct 22, 2015

Well done Glossy; you promised running, and delivered. Yeah, lame finger puppet to you yesterday post DV, but you Q’d anyway. #truefriend #cositeQschedulingfail #whatsthelongesthashtagquipanyway?

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