The Long 7

  • When:10/19/15
  • QIC: One Eye
  • The PAX: Swiper, Bushwood, Love Boat, McGee, Backdraft, Fruity Flakes, Barracus, Agony, Skywalker, Doogie, Catgut, Orlando, Semigloss, Hairball, Hammer, One Eye (QIC)

The Long 7

16 of A51’s finest posted in the 34 degree gloom for a simple but effective beat down   Here’s what went down:

  • Brief disclaimer followed by 5 boyo
  • Run down Camilla toward Carmel Middle School with 5 burpees at each drive way along the way – 9 driveways
  • COP – 25 SSH; 24 IW
  • The Long 7 – Route = middle of back of school to benches in front of the school (approx .2 miles) with dips at the benches and hand release merkins behind the school
  • Mary while waiting on the Six – 25 flutter; 25 dolly; 24 LBC; 25 Heels to Heaven
  • Railing walk followed by 5 boyo
  • Run back up Camilla toward Carmel Road Park with 5 burpees at each driveway – 9 driveways
  • Mary while waiting for the six – 25 flutter
  • Finish with 25 merkins oyo


YHC wanted to keep it moving today thus the Camilla driveway Burpees and the long 7s.  Both turned out to be real crowd pleasers.  A number of Larry Birds out there including Swiper, Bushwood, McGee and Cat Gut (DMZ FNG).  Overall mumble chatter was minimal – likely due to Film Festival’s absence.   Thanks to Bushwood for the opportunity to lead.


New 3rd F immediately following DMZ at the Duncan Dounuts @ Ray and Colony



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BushwoodPosted on9:01 am - Oct 23, 2015

Hairball was up front with Swiper.

I heard chatter from Semi. Every time I passed him he said, “This is stupid”. I know he loved it though #wheelhouse.

That whole morning was terrible. Great lead.

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