• When:10/12/2015
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Love Boat, Swiper, Runstopper, Benefactor, Want Ad, Snowflake (R), Pulp Fiction, Chelms (R), Steinbrenner, Skywalker, Blades of Glory (R), Chefboradee, Fraiser, Sundancer, Hammer, Pothole, Gangsta Mounse, Iron Mike, Goat Cheese, Agony, Chalet, One Eye, Orlando, and Bushwood


24 men came for a workout that was almost a #DRP. We’ll get it next time though, I can feel it.

The Thang:
Mosey to Carmel Middle for COT
-100 SSH
-50 Mountain Climbers
-50 Squats

Hustle to the Track
First lap:
-Burpee Broad Jump 1/2 the curve, run to end, 20 Monkey Humpers
-Backwards Run back stretch, 20 Monkey Humpers
-Burpee Broad Jump 1/2 the curve, run to end, 20 Monkey Humpers
-Backwards Run front stretch, 20 Monkey Humpers
-LBCs x 30IC
Second lap:
-AYG all the way around
Third lap:
-AYG 100M, 25 squats
-AYG 100M, 25 squats
-AYG 100M, 25 squats
-AYG 100M, 25 squats
-Flutters x 25IC (Q jacked by Swiper)
Burpee Mile
-100M, 5 Burpees
-200M, 5 Burpees
-300M, 5 Burpees
-400M, 5 Burpees
-300M, 5 Burpees
-200M, 5 Burpees
-100M, 5 Burpees
-Rosalita x 20IC
-Heels To Heaven x 30IC
-Russian Twist x 20IC

Mosey to bottom of Brandywine, AYG to top

Mosey to bottom of Thornridge, AYG to top

Prayer by Swiper(TM)

Not a single merkin was called today and 3.25 on the milage. This was basically the direct opposite Ranger from last week. This whole workout was put together as I was on the porcelain throne this morning. It’s where I do my best thinking.

Monkey Humpers hurt like crazy when you do more than 15 at one time. We did 80 #SwoleLegs. Swiper felt awkward doing them amongst 23 other men. Awkwardness is a form of flattery. Soooooooo….

The 100 SSH were a huge hit. Everyone loved them and I’m pretty sure Agony was high-fiving everyone afterwards.

Lots of speed out there today: Fraiser on the bascially everything, Swiper and Goat Cheese on the AYG’s at the end, One Eye on the AYG lap, Benefactor up front on all morning.

I knew Fraiser was near me all morning because his shorts make the unique “swish-swish” sound. Were those nylon basketball shorts?

The whole workout was a leg smoker. Hope everyone was happy. I know Sundancer was #wheelhouse

Iron Mike had a fleece pullover on. And remarkably, he kept it on the entire workout. He was so hot, he had a fog cloud around him the whole morning.

Runstopper can’t park his car straight but he was bumping some Korn in the parking lot #GottaGetPumped

I typically judge the success of my workouts by the “Steinbrenner Grumpiness Scale”. It’s quite scientific, where the grumpier Steinbrenner gets, the harder the workout.  Today he said “I hate you”, which means it was a great workout.

Rally Point is a new 3rd F that is meeting at Dunkin Donuts (at Rea and Colony) after DMZ every Monday. We are going through the book, The True Measure of a Man. Come out and enjoy some donuts, coffee, and fellowship!

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SundancerPosted on2:25 pm - Oct 12, 2015

Running is the best. You have shown me the light, Bushwood.

HotSpotPosted on5:30 pm - Oct 12, 2015

Is this supposed to be Tagged as “A-Team”? That’s a Raleigh area post…

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on8:04 am - Oct 13, 2015

Last time I checked, two laps did not make a mile. Also, I think I will refusenik monkey humpers from now when Swiper is in the PAX – he seemed to enjoy them too much.

    BushwoodPosted on8:34 am - Oct 13, 2015

    Add it up, Chelms. It equals 1600M, which is a mile, which is 4 laps….

      Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:35 pm - Oct 13, 2015

      My statement was not wrong – two laps does not make a mile. However, my implication was wrong as we did do 4 laps. The negative is that my feeble old mind and winded condition caused me to forget how many burpee laps we did. The positive was I ran 1/2 mile further than I thought. That’s a win in my book.

KirkPosted on8:41 am - Oct 13, 2015

Brandywine -> Brandermill

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