Frenchie in the UK, so I stole it – never ask Pothole

  • When:10/05/15
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Love Bug, Love Boat, Hammer, Swiper (all LIFOs), One Eye, Chappy, Bushwood, SemiGloss, Goat Cheese, Agony, Benefactor, Snowflake, Steinbrenner, Pothole, Doogie, Chalet, Hannibal, Kirk, and 2 others (Transaction maybe? - sorry for the Q fail guys); also ABBA and Rapper's Delight

Frenchie in the UK, so I stole it – never ask Pothole

I think the title says it all.  Our resident Frenchman aka Film Fest is apparently visiting home, which is actually England.  I was standing in the middle of the slow forming circle of Pax arriving, which afforded me the opportunity to steal the Q.  Everyone cheered.  Really, it was a special thing you had to be there to appreciate.

The Thang

Run like a 5-year old (aka spastic AYG, customary start for YHC) to RTS.  Brilliant, original COP consisting of:

SSH x 20ish
Merkin x10
LBC x 26
Wide Arm x10
Flutter x26
Diamond x10
Boone LBCs x10 each side
CDD x10
Knee ups x10

Run around RTS and discover small playground.  Those that could jump did 10 pullups and 20 dips.  I have no idea what SemiGloss or others did here.  Needless to say, this was not the Q’s most well executed portion of the workout.  The swingset bar was a little high, but the 10 foot estimate was ludicrous.

Mosey out RTS side drive and across Sharon View, into Pellyn Wood with a left on Gorham.  Mini-plank at Howland to regroup, and then continue to Walden Pond.  Dips on the guard rail.

Mosey down to the circle of Le Maison Dr (look it up) where chose some alternate Qs:
Swiper – Russian twist (insert lots of surprised faces)
Pothole – 10 burpees OYO (unwelcomed, lots of comments and a Semi refusenik)
Steinbrenner – Rosalita (welcomed, knew he wouldn’t let Pax down)

Mosey back the way we came, stopping at the guard rail again.  Inspired by Semi’s refusenik, Squats x20, then dips x20, then more squats x10.

Mosey back up the hill with some plank variations at the Hardison stop sign to regroup.  Mosey back to RTS, stopping at the wall for Derkins x10, dips x?.

Mosey back to Carmel Park with time to spare.  Finish it off with a mini-COP of LBCs x26ish, Merkins x10, Freddy Mercury x20, Mtn Climbers x10, and thanks to Pothole’s call, 10 BOYO.

COT with takeout by Snowflake.


Columbia has been hit hard by flooding. Another region set up a GoFundMe page for donations to help, and F3Columbia has a post on “how you can help” here:

New 3rd F – Rally Point – meeting after DMZ on Monday’s at Dunkin’ Donuts (Rea / Colony).  If you’re interested, pick up a copy of True Measure of a Man.

SOFA WIB tomorrow at Olde Providence – Sundancer promised me it would be epic.


Good group this AM that followed YHC, who basically stole the Q at 5:28 when it was discovered that Film Fest was visiting the motherland (fatherland? I have no interest in trying to understand the whole England / Great Britain / UK thing).  YHC ran like a 5-year old, as is my custom at the outset, and the Pax reluctantly followed along.

Bushwood nixed my “never leave the parking lot” idea, so I was forced to borrow heavily from prior material.  Somehow we only hit 2.6 miles today, which I’m going to say was preparation for my upcoming Base Camp Q next week #moderate #INCONCEIVABLE.  (Going parenthetical for self-promotion here #Iam3rd, if you were here today for the workout, you should come back to DMZ next week.  On the other hand, if you’re interested in laughing, mild 2nd F, and / or Q heckling, I’d invite you out to Base Camp).  Lowlight of the morning was the impromptu pullups – we apparently need to work out plyometrics / jumping drills in addition to pullups.  #Qfail

Highlight of the morning was Pothole calling for 10 burpees OYO.  SG refusenik was classic, and anticipated, as were the calls by Swiper and Steinbrenner.  With time running down, I had to call on Pothole again.  Great way to finish, and then we caught ABBA and Rapper’s Delight returning to the parking lot.  They apparently missed us, and we would never be found in Pellyn Wood, which may be the darkest place in Charlotte.  No street lights – only natural gas lamps, which made Agony lightheaded.   That’s all I’ve got, which misses quite a bit of the chatter, so chime in with comments.

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HannibalPosted on2:52 pm - Oct 5, 2015

Hannibal was there – lurking in the shadows, which wasn’t hard given how dark it was back in Pellyn Wood.

Film FestivalPosted on5:05 pm - Oct 5, 2015

Merde…..mon dieu……some of the French things going thru my head at 10.45 UK time when I saw Brushwood’s reminder from yesterday that I was supposed to Q this morning. Apologies to the DMZ pax and a big “merci” to Kirk for jumping into the breach. I am toasting you with a pint of fine English ale (at room temperature of course).

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