Speed Laps in the Orange Box

  • When:09/28/2015
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Swiper, Film Festival, Chalet, Orlando, Semi Gloss, Gummy, Kirk, Snowflake (R), Pothole, Doogie, Cheppie, Skywalker, Steinbrenner, Little Baby Jesus, Checkpoint (R), One Eye, Hairball (QIC)

Speed Laps in the Orange Box

Twas a damp morning in the nether regions between Metro and Area 51. When YHC got the (reminder) text about being on schedule to Q, all focus went towards steering clear of soggy soil. Hence, we took to the pavement.

After a brief mosey to CoC lot for a loop around the new parking lot, we circled up at the launch point for some COP.


– SSH x25 IC

– Mtn Climbers x15 IC

– Parker Peters x20 IC

– Merkins x20 IC

We partnered up with someone of equal or similar speed and set off at a fast mosey up Carmel, banging a left on Town & Country, waving to @Bushwood as we passed.

We ren-des-vous-ed at the corner of T&C/Valencia. Gotta say, haven’t come across a lot of streets in the QC named after citrus fruits…maybe it’s a Metro thing? Kirk was also keen to point out the smooth, supple asphalt on Valencia vs. the brazen, gravel surface on T&C. A few gents heeded the advice and kept their man-paws soft and velvety on the derkins. Post at #F3DayZero once or twice and you’ll never complain about “rough” pavement.

Link up with yer partner for speed laps around the orange box (Valencia-Sharon View-Granada-T&C). Race the box in opposite directions: Partner 1 turning right for a clockwise loop; other partner turning left for an anti-clockwise loop #nascar. First one back to starting point wins the lap.

Lap 1: partner derkins/OH Press. Loser takes derkins. x15

Lap 2: partner derkin plank. Loser takes derkins. x15

Lap 3: buddy squats. Loser carries. x20, winner x10.

Lap 4: er’body together for a nascar lap


Fast mosey back to the lot for some Mary

-Freddy Merc’s




-Burpees OYO x10




Ye Olde Moleskinny:

– The box lap was long for a sprint. T&C had some  hills, Granada and Valencia were ok. The partner 1’s going clockwise on lap 1 took the sidewalk on the opposite side of Sharon View. Notably, when we switched, the partner 2’s took the inside edge of Sharon View. Whatever you gotta do to win, I guess…

– Heard some moderate grumbling about #F3DMZ not being a running workout. Gotta be honest, the @SemiGloss jaunt through Mountainbrook, pre-BRR logged some miles and was inspiration for going off campus.

– Some questions on Twitter about whether or not we’d be under the dome today went unanswered. Fortnuately, we caught a break and stayed relatively dry.

– There was some debate on the prize/punishment exercises for winning the laps and which ones were actually “easier”. Noted for next time.

– Lots of speedsters out there today. Some LOW 7’s on the pace according to Strava.

– Thanks for the hospitality and opportunity to lead.

– Tclaps to @Skywalker for taking us out and starting our day right. Prayers for safety to one of our brothers who was deployed yesterday.


-speak up in the comments if anyone was left off name-o-rama

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GummyPosted on1:16 pm - Sep 28, 2015

Well that cleared up any lingering doubt about going to Fast Twitch on Tuesday. Fartsack it is.

Four laps around that block were tough. Just short enough to go hard, just long enough to suck. Well done. I really tried to talk Semi Gloss into turning around when his “knee” was hurting – I am selfless enough to quit and take the shortcut back to the start. And also to wait for the six on the way back to the park. He had to tell me three times, “no really, go ahead”. No man left behind.

Semi Gloss and I were absolutely not doing the partner squats. I’m squatting more than most of the guys out there this morning with nothing on my back. Semi’s kneecap would’ve shot across the street if he tried to squat me.

I also enjoyed Kirk’s long explanation about why he was running slow enough to be back with us on the way back. No offense taken. Check that pace on Strava – he probably deleted it already.

BushwoodPosted on10:04 am - Sep 29, 2015

Oh man, this one looked good. #Cobains on missing. I’ve got some nasty crud, or as my wife would say, a #ManCold.

Welcome LBJ! Great to see you at DMZ and I would have given you a #HighFive.

Semi is always complaining about the running. He just needs to run faster and get over it.

Tiger-RagPosted on6:28 pm - Sep 29, 2015

Idea: each pax carries a grass skirt, rename the workout Hot Laps Hula Hand. Am I right?

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