BRR Monday blues at DMZ

  • When:09/14/2015
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Bug Eater, Shock and Awe, snowflake, checkpoint, cheese curd, hammer, one eye, doggie, film festival, agony, sky walker, pie hole, back draft, Flutie flakes, pulp fiction, Steinbrenner, pulp fiction, chef boy-r-d, stage coach

BRR Monday blues at DMZ

Well not exactly the blues, more like holy crap.. I can’t believe I signed up to Q on the Monday after running in my first 9 man BRR team. What could I do to limit the running? Oh, I could make 20 men sit on the wall in peoples chair for 20 minutes, that should do it!

The Thang’

Disclaimer, start running to Carmel Middle School. On the way, stop at the first speed bump – 20 Mirkins OYO – Second speed bump 20 low slow squats OYO, hold wrestling stance for 1 min.

Continue to bus parking lot-  COT

  • SSH x20
  • Burpee x20 OYO
  • IW  x20
  • Burpee x15 OYO
  • Mountain Climber x20
  • Burpee x10 OYO
  • LBC x20
  • Burpee x5 OYO

Mosey to the rock pile near baseball field, grab a ‘respectable’ rock head to the school find some wall.

Wall sit – Peoples Chair:

  • with Rock 20 overhead presses in Cadence
  • Hold Rock in front for .30 secs
  • Place rock on ground
  • Lift Right leg hold .30 secs
  • Flapjack, Left leg .30 secs

Rinse and repeat 2x

Partner Up – One rock  between you and your partner. Cross legs for good ole fashion sit-ups. Passing the rock on each time you sit up.

  • Set #1: x20
  • Set #2: x40
  • Set #3: x60 (smoker) 

    Back on the Wall – Wall sit:

    • with Rock 20 overhead presses in Cadence
    • Hold Rock in front for .30 secs
    • Place rock on ground
    • Lift Right leg hold .30 secs
    • Flapjack, Left leg .30 secs
    • Continue to hold wall sit –
    • Arm raises in Cadence  x50
    • Hold Arms Straight 1 min

Replace rocks

Form 2 lines Indian run back to Carmel Park

Naked Mole Skin:

  • Kenny Thomas, Ranger is speaking at the White Water Center on Oct 4 at 11am . There is a bushwacker race prior and a pig pickin’ post the speech. Please check WWC website for additional information.
  • f3 Workout at the Billy Gram Library this Sat at 7am – Check out twitter for more details.


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Cheese CurdPosted on11:00 am - Sep 16, 2015

I blame Stage Coach for getting me to support RS on Monday. SC told me there wouldn’t be running, glad he showed up too!

As for wall sits, 2 days after BRR…what is wrong with you! You get much harder legs next year!

Thanks for working out the kinks!

Stage CoachPosted on12:51 pm - Sep 16, 2015

CC – In RS’ defense, he said upper body beatdown. I might have translated that to mean no running. Remember, “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” – George Costanza

Solid workout RS. I could have done without the wall sits…I just wish they were only 1/3 of a second like you listed above!

    Run StopperPosted on1:54 pm - Sep 16, 2015

    Yeah I totally intended to do two jack Webb, one without the rock and one with.. but then I decided the wall looked lonely and needed some love..

    “They build it with our tax dollars, brick by brick it goes up with a holler, we sit on it for an hour..and play with rocks” – Carry Swan aka Run Stopper aka Webster

BushwoodPosted on1:40 pm - Sep 16, 2015

Nice one RS! My legs would not have made it through this one after the BRR this weekend!

T-claps to you for Q’ing! Also, props to Film, Shock & Awe, Cheese Curd, and any others who posted 2 days after dominating the BRR! You guys are stronger than me.

    Run StopperPosted on1:58 pm - Sep 16, 2015

    Thanks Bushwood! It def was a new experience, don’t think I would have moved as much on Sunday if I wasn’t prepping for the Q on Monday, so thanks for the opportunity to lead. It’s always a pleasure sharing my stupid Q ideas with the PAX. #leadingwithrocks

Cheese CurdPosted on2:03 pm - Sep 16, 2015

And he finishes it with a Hiaku….lovely! AKA Maya Angelou

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