Ring Run-ish

  • When:07/09/2015
  • QIC: Chico
  • The PAX: Gummy, Cheese Curd, Tackling Dummy, Yunz (Hydra FNG), Red Rocks, Ironsides. Puddin Pop, Harley, Frosty Paws, Chico

Ring Run-ish

10 fleet footed pax just felt like running.

The Thang:
-Leave school and head down Rea toward Summerlin. Hang right and run down Summerlin hill to Abbotswood.
-10 hand release merkins at bottom; plank for the Six
-Belly start, run up nasty Summerlin hill up to Rea; 20 LBC, Plank for Six
-Back down the hill; 10 hand release merkins, Squats while waiting for Six.
-Belly start, back up the Summerlin hill again; 20 LBC, Squats while waiting for Six
-Back down hill again; 10 hand release merkins; Squats while waiting for Six, but Six never arrives…

-At this point we were supposed to lunge walk up the hill on Abbotswood, then run the Firecracker 5k Fun Run loop a couple of times with burpees at each side road. Gummy offered to go retrieve our wayward comrade and took off up Summerlin for a third time. As we started the long uphill lunge walk, somebody (Cheese Curd, I think), suggested we all head back up the hill to reunite the pax. YHC agreed and we did the Summerlin hill for a third time.
-Back at the top, Dolly x 20.

-We were off book from this point forward. Gummy suggested Imperial Walkers and YHC consented. IW x 10, which in the middle of a workout will now and forever be called a “Gummy 10 count.”
-Run down Rea right by the school to Windyrush Road. 5 burpees, 10 hand release merkins.
-Run down the Windyrush hill, with head fake at the entry to the OPE trails.
-10 hand release merkins and 20 flutters at the bottom.
-Back up the long Windyrush hill, with 5 burpees at each speed bump, 15 heels to heaven at the top.
-Time was short and we needed 1/2 mile. Cross Rea on Windyrush, turn right to stay on Windyrush #onlyinCharlotte, right on Edenbridge, left on Rea and back to school.

-4.05 miles and into the parking lot at 6:15:37. Very lucky to hit mileage goal on time given the modifications, but it all worked out.

-Back in the day 4 miles was a very respectable Ring Run. That workout has gotten longer and faster, with the pax sometimes hitting five miles plus pain stations in 45 minutes. I fartsacked Ring Run on Tuesday, which I am still blaming on my 11:30 p.m. discovery that I had no clean running shorts. Anyway, today was my makeup for Tuesday.

-Good move by Gummy, Cheese Curd and eventually everybody, going back up Summerlin to keep the pax together. That said, I have some lingering doubt that Cheese Curd was motivated purely by a “no man left behind” mentality. The lunge walk up Abbotswood was looking pretty nasty.

-This was definitely a BRR edition of Hydra with all the hills. If you aren’t doing BRR, you should do it at some point. It is the best event we do. I am not exactly born to run. I am not built to run, I am built to block for someone else who is running. In fact, I didn’t start running until my late thirties. So you don’t have to have grown up running 60 miles between villages at a 5:30 pace to do BRR.#mountaingoat #pancakechurch

-Good work by all. Too many Larry Birds to mention. Gummy, Harley, Cheese Curd and Red Rocks were consistently fast. Also good work for guys that don’t consider themselves runners. You all hung in there well.

-F3 Dads camp – check the website. I hear NoCo is signing people up at a feverish pace. Also F3 Dads Panthers workout Saturday — check the website
-F3 Up and Over may need another guy for BRR. Cheese Curd is team captain.

-Thanks to Gummy for the takeout, Yunz for his FNG Hydra post for my Q, and Puddin Pop for the opportunity to lead.

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GummyPosted on10:39 am - Jul 9, 2015

I liked that workout a lot. Good mix of suck, breaks, IWs, etc. The 10-count IW mid workout was yoooge for me. It wasn’t an F3 workout until then. I was excited about my turn to pick up the six on the way back down Summerlin, only to find that he didn’t follow and I had to go back up the hill again. The lesson: never leave the six. I could’ve waited up there for a few minutes with him while you guys came back to get us.

Harley, Cheese Curd and Red Rocks kept the motivation high this morning. One or more of them was always just close enough to try to catch or just close enough behind me to push harder so they didn’t catch me. When I finished the burpee hill on Windyrush, I thought to myself that there is no way I would’ve pushed that hard up the hill on my own. Good stuff.

The head fake at the trails, and the surprise half mile at the end were disappointing. But again, both pushed me harder than I would’ve on my own.

A few of the consultants who have been posting at DV were supposed to be at Hydra this morning. One of them sent me a picture of my car in the deserted parking lot taken at 5:32. Sorry – bus leaves on time. They ended up at the Dowd Y in a boot camp class – not all dudes there, just sayin.

YunzPosted on10:59 am - Jul 9, 2015

Thanks to Chico for allowing me to visit Hydra where apparently the party animals of Olde Providence come home at 5:30am instead of leave to go to work.

Props to Frosty for staying with it. It’s no fun being the six. It’s no fun sucking wind. It’s no fun sweating out 24oz of water…. and it’s easy to mosey over to that car sitting 50 yards away and sneak back to a nice air conditioned house. So, good job staying with it… keep coming back and, while it won’t necessarily be less painful, it will get easier and you’ll be the better for it.

Cheese CurdPosted on12:16 pm - Jul 9, 2015

I wanted some running today and Chico, you delivered! I am not sure if it helped to be familiar with the route, considering that run that way to the pool. I always thought it sucked, but I never considered running it multiple times! Also, running to get the 6 was much more appealing then lunge walking that hill!

I felt good until the last run up Windyrush, nothing takes the wind out of my sails like a run split up with burpees.

We all have the desire to push ourselves and stick to a plan. However, the commitment to keep the PAX together, regardless of the original plan, is what makes us all better! Good move this AM! After all, Gummy finally got a chance to lead a lap 🙂

Welcome Yunz to Hydra! Great to catch up after the Palmetto!

Look forward to more Gummy 10 counts!

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