Starfish at the Hydra

  • When:7/2/2015
  • QIC: Huggie Bear
  • The PAX: Pudding Pop, Donkey Kong, Floor Slapper, Jamboree, Ironsides, Frosty Paws, Scratch n’ Win, Kirk, Pic n’ Pack (FNG), Lord Stanley (FNG)

Starfish at the Hydra

11 of South Charlotte’s finest, including 2 FNGs, showed up along with the humidity to slay the Hydra. Started with a jog around the school and to the field – circle up –

  • 25 x SSH
  • 25 x IW
  • 25 x Low slow squat
  • 20 x Mountain Climbers
  • 15 x Merkins

Mosey over to the center aisle for concessions and the main event – Starfish
Center of the Starfish was the concession area and 10 jump ups
Station 1 – near the far woods – 25 x wide arm merkins
Station 2 – playground – 15 x pull ups
Station 3 – batting cages – 25 x jump squats
Station 4 – football field – 15 x double merkin burpees
Rinse and repeat 3x

Mosey back to the field near the parking lot for some Mary

  • 25 x LBCs
  • 20 x Flutters
  • 20 x Back scratchers
  • 15 x heels to Heaven

Time called. Intense exercises and just over 2+ miles.

Thanks all for the solid effort on my first Q. I appreciate the effort. Shout out to Tiger Rag– Hydra was my first F3 workout a year ago, and for my first Q, I borrowed Tiger Rag’s agenda from that workout. Great to see Pic n’ Pack and Lord Stanley for the first time – keep it up!

Centurion converging at The Brave on Friday (7/3)
Saturday (7/4) convergence at The Rock.

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