Monthly Archive July 2015


30 Swings
30 seconds of jogging from side of parking lot to top of hill
30 Merkins Civilian Count
30 seconds of single leg squats R
30 seconds of single leg squats L
30 seconds of burpees
Do that 3 times

30 High Swings
30 Seconds of sprints from side of
parking lot to top of hill
30 Merkins Civilian Count
30 seconds of single leg squats R with bell
30 seconds of single leg squats L with bell
30 seconds of burpees
30 Two handed KB Press
Do that 3 times

Few minutes of Mary thrown in for a breather

30 High Swings
30 seconds of sprints
30 Merkins Civilian Count
30 seconds of burpees
30 Two handed KB Press
Do that 3 times

It was a pleasure as always, thank you Harley! It is never good to go on an F3 workout hiatus for about a month and then come back to Q Skunkworks. It was very painful, so painful that after the workout was over I was talking with Blazing Saddles and the lightheadedness set in and it was time to exit the conversation before I fell over. Hope the rest of the pax got their monies worth…I sure did and was paid for overtime.

Please pray for our brothers whose marriages are suffering, the enemy knows that if he can separate a family with children, it has a profound generational affect on his scoreboard. Let’s be authentic in what is happening in our lives, lean on our brothers for wise counsel and guidance, and be there for a brother whenever need…nothing is more important than that other than our knowing who Christ is and what He has already done for us.

God Bless

No Q for you

He is named The LATE Show. Emphasis on Late. Like really late. 42 minutes of a 45 minute workout late. Nevertheless, with the options of do nothing or do stuff, we chose to do stuff.

The Thang

2 Hairband Miles

SSH IC x 20
IW IC x 20
Merkins IC x 10

With no sign of the Q still, time to make up junk so to the hill we go.

11s w/ planking until both are done.

Round 1: Burpees to Merkins
Recovery Hairband Mile
Round 2: LBCs to Reverse Crunch
Round 3: Squats to Calf Risers

The LATE show arrives during round 3 to take his shaming like a man.

Some weird planking exercise called by The Late Show

Thanks to The Late Show for the prayer especially around thankfulness of waking up even if late

Strong work by Hoodie today. Glad to have you out there. Sorry about trying to have #mumblechatter midway through the 11s. Figured it would get your mind off the pain those burpees caused. Instead I got you out of breath. Wise to shut me down with a ‘I can’t really talk right now.’ LOL
The burpees to merkins were a bad idea to start 11s. But ended up being a good idea for something on the fly.
And thanks to The LATE Show for coming out however briefly.

Burpee Relays & Rocky Round Robins

(Posted on behalf of Picasso.  Tardiness is all responsibility of Abacus.)

Shovel flag was planted early this week as Abacus showed up for a pre-run prior to start of this week’s edition of Area 51.  Passed Picasso and the 2 FNGs (Hoot & El Guapo) he and Croissant brought along, but no one elected to join YHC for the run back to McKee Rd Elementary.  Saving it up for the main event.

With everyone gathered at the launch point Picasso indicated it was 0700 and led us out for the start of his 60 minute beat-down.  Ensuing smokefest went as follows:

Let’s Get Warm:

  • Mosey around the upper field – high knees & butt kickers worked in
  • Circle up for SSH and IW
  • Mosey through adjacent neighborhood down path to Spring Street
  • Circle up for Mountain Climbers and Merkins on the concrete.  Who needs fingertips?
  • Mosey to the lower field through the neighborhood cut through

Burpee Relays:

  • Line up and count off into two teams
  • Team One: O’Tannenbaum, Beaver, Croissant, Hoot
  • Team Two: Abacus, Fraggle, Picasso, El Guapo
  • Plan is to run down to the other end of the field, complete 5 burpees, and run back – but we will complete it as a relay.  Everyone in plank, first person on the team runs down and starts their burpees at which point the second person on the team goes.  When second starts his burpees, the thrid person goes. . . and so on.  Run back to start when done with burpees and plank it up until everyone returns.
  • We did one relay as a baseline.
  • Oops, Q forgot to time it, so let’s run 2nd relay as a baseline.
  • We completed the seond one in 1 minute 58 seconds.  We have 8 more and have to beat that time on each run.  If we don’t, penalty is 5 burpees added to the end of the workout.
  • The PAX got quiet for the next 20 minutes.  When planning this, Q figured we’d miss one or two.  Amazingly, the PAX never missed and we had negative splits.  We finished the 10th round in 1 minute 43 seconds.
  • We did two 10 counts after we finished, then moseyed.  Fraggle was heard saying “Thank You” as the mosey was called.  We all agreed.

Rocky Round Robins:

  • Mosey to the rock pile and grab your favorite lifting rock.
  • Circle up your teams for round robins.  An exercise would be called and the first person on the team would complete fast, max reps.  When he started to slow down, he would pass to the next team member.  The team would keep a rep count and after 3 minutes, we’d see which team reigned supreme.  When you’re not on point doing called exercise, you’re doing a recovery exercise.
  • Let’s go, three minutes of each:
    • Round 1:  Squats when in recovery, shoulder presses when you’re on point
    • Round 2:  LBCs for recovery, Sit-ups w/ your rock when on point
    • Round 3:  Flutters for recovery, Bench press w/ rock when on point
    • Round 4:  Squats for recovery, Curls w/ rock when on point
  • Rounds 5 & 6 will be challenges from the other team.  Losing team gets a sprint across soccer field, winning team gets calf raises (Qs go-to joke exercise)
    • Round 5:  (Courtesy of O’Tannenbaum) Squats when in recovery, Tricep curls when on point
    • Round 6:  (Courtesy of Abacus) Dolly’s for recovery, Goblet squats w/ rock when on point

Return the rocks and double-time back to launch



  • 50 Burpees, 24 sprints, 1200+ total reps – nice work guys
  • Beaver and Q would kick off each burpee relay & Q couldn’t catch him.  Beaver was a machine!
  • Q announced that if you needed more time with your burpees (like the Q) go early in the relay and if your name rhymed with Babacus, go last.  Nice work Abacus and O’Tannenbaum who ran anchor in each relay and busted out great times
  • Croissant is looking strong after spending a few months on the couch.  Q asked to borrow his watch for the workout to ensure he would show up after Q let the cat out of the bag that burpees and sprints were involved
  • Team One went to a silent count after Team Two got the best of them in Round 1 of the round robins.  Not sure if this was strategy or deception, but it’s suspect!
  • Team One dismantled Team Two with their challenge in Round 5 of the round robins, but they did the sprint anyway.  When asked why, O’Tannenbaum answered, “I didn’t feel like doing calf raises”.  Refusenik, sort of.  In fair play, Team Two elected to join in the sprint as well after winning Round 6.
  • Despite FNGs Hoot and El Guapo claiming they don’t do any strength training, they both killed the workout.  Nice work guys and we look forward to seeing you out again.
  • Cold Cuts was visibly struggling through all sections of the workout.  Keep your head up buddy, keep your head up.  .


#GhostRunner – Reverse the course, Increase the Heat

20 PAX assembled prior to 1930 on Thursday at the ABC Lot at the Arboretum.  2 more Late PAX grew the group to a solid 22.

Most were doubling down from Run, Bootcamp, or 0.0 workouts earlier in the day.  All in the name of 1st F BRR Prep, 2nd F run and post activity Happy Hour, 3rd F spiritualize not through hallucination but through connection, but all were crazy.

Why Crazy?  Well, here’s the weather report from the last 3 weeks at 1930 on Thursday:

  • two weeks ago – 84.0 F, 55% Humidity, 7mph breeze, Feels like 87.0
  • one week ago – 75.0 F, 89% Humidity, 12mph breeze, Feels like 75.0
  • yesterday – 91.0 F, 56% Humidity, 7mph breeze, Feels like 101.0!

This started as two groups (4mi, 6mi) with all deciding that Reverse Course was in order.  Comments beforehand on the Reverse course idea:

  • Hairball on Twitter – “downhill 4 mile creek and providence? #smart”
  • Bratwurst on Twitter – “it’s a loop, uphill becomes Downhill.  Difference will be end of 6 mi loop is a long flat along 51.”
  • TurkeyLeg at the start – “reverse is worse”

Who was right?  Let’s just say Hairball, perhaps because he knew it was #nosmart and was a no show, was way off.

It started off as a nice 1mi downhill group run for both the 6mi/4mi course, albeit with the occasional “car up”, PAX noticed things like there’s an actual golf course along the route with real golfers, birds chirping, and babbling brooks.  This is normally the last 1.0mi of the course where you’re so focused on the end, nothing comes into view but about 10yards straight in front of you.  #smart so far.  Radar was pushing the pace.  However, what was serene, quickly turned ugly with the climb up to 4 Mile Creek Rd.  Spurned by Turkey Leg, Swiper (newbie on the course), and Mr. Brady, the 6milers went Right, and the 4 milers were left with more of the hill.

“Uphill becomes Downhill” – you don’t tend to notice a downhill as much as an uphill, until you turn it around the other way.  What you enjoyed before, turns into a bit of a nightmare.  It’s like a whole new course.

“Just wait for Whitethorn” was TurkeyLeg’s prophecy, and he was right.  This is normally the part of a nice cruise, but let’s just say it was a long and never-ending climb.  Relief was not found until Providence.

“downhill on Providence #smart” NOT.  When you realize that there is an equal climb the other way, the only benefit was perhaps an increased breeze from the cars coming toward you.  By the end of Providence onto Windbluff, it was pure will power to make it home.  It was at this point Mr. Brady pulled away from Swiper, TurkeyLeg, Fletch and a large group following just behind, to make it a Mr. Brady solo run from there.

End in sight – when the 6mi group got back to Windbluff and Raintree, there’s a decision to make on the Reverse course to head up Raintree about 0.4mi to home with the 4mi group, or to zigzag across to Rounding Run for 1.4mi more.  Either it was a claim of ignorance of the directions, which can be believed from Scabby and Bear Naked, or because the end was in sight, but many of the PAX broke off for home.  Mr. Brady, Swiper, Turkey Leg, and Fletch were in the zone (or delirious), so they continued on Rounding Run.

“long flat along 51” – normally a nice 2nd F pace in the first mile, this became a death march with the last 0.6mi with each PAX checking over his shoulder sure he was about to be overtaken by a dog walker.  The traffic light at Raintree was a welcome sight, but it seemed like it would never get there.

“bunch of naked guys, where are the women” – as the 22 PAX sweat it out in COT and started to disrobe (pretty sure Mr. Brady was just in a towel by that point), pedestrians / teens / punks walking by on Hwy 51 at COT threw some interesting comments our way.  Either their vision was bad and they didn’t notice that 22 guys outnumbered their 5 to 6, the PAX were just too tired or unwilling to make any comments or movements toward the punks, or because it would have ruined a nice 2nd F planned at Vitners, we let it go.  Got to think of something to say to EH them next time…

Thanks to Checkpoint taking us out in the most stifling and sweaty ball of man so far!

101 degrees men.  You did it!



4.6 – 0.4 to home

Men of Skill and Action at Centurion

In ancient times the Centurion was chosen for his expertness in all exercises and readiness to act when given orders, rather than talk.  Men of skill and action.  14 pax fit that bill today at Charlotte Catholic HS for the weekly Centurion installment.  YHC simply does not learn from previous errors in judgment when the famed buffalo chicken wing is involved.  Char Bar 7 offers these tasty fowl pieces fried in fat and served as hot as possible at the low price of 60 cents each on Thursday nights.  12 of the hottest wings YHC has ever conquered made their way down the pie hole.  Once again, the Q with twisted bowels, we launched to explore this vast AO.


Brisk mosey from launch lot to the top of the parking deck.  Full moon in the sky.


SSH x 15 IC

MC x 20 IC.  Hold plank.

Alternating knee taps x 15 IC.  Hold plank.

Merkin x 15 IC

Mosey down the stairs and around the building to the picnic table area.

Bench Set

Jump Up x 15/Dip x 15/Derkin x 15.  Repeato x 2.  Chair plank to gather the group.

Mosey across 51 through Jack in the Box lot and up the road to Palatine Hill.  Over the back side and down the front.  Stop 20 yards in front of the base of the hill.  Plank-o-rama: Elbows/RLH/RAH/swap/High plank/6 inches/RLH/LLH/High plank/Merkin x 20 civilian cadence.

Triple Nickle

20 yard run to base of hill.  Up hill.  5 Burpee.  Run back to launch.  5 Jump Squat.  5 repititions.


Flutter x 15.  Hold.  Rosalita x 15.  Hold.  Heels to Heaven x 15.  Hold.  Protractor with 4 ten counts at various angles.

Mosey back toward plaza with a stop at Jack in the Box lot.  Smurf Jack x 15 IC to wait for six.

Mosey across 51 through the campus back to the parking deck.

Partner Stack

Partner 1 runs to top of ramp and back approximately 200 meters.  Partner 2 does merkins.  200 merkin cumulative total.  Chair plank to wait for six.

Plank start sprints x 2.  Start in plank.  AYG to middle of ramp (approx 50 meters).  Repeat to top of ramp.


QIC called out pax to call a mary exercise to 15 IC.  Boutique, Rehab, Red Rocks, perhaps another.  Chelms Q jacked to provide a lesson in calling and counting an exercise properly:  Next exercise is the Bicycle.  Starting position.  Move.  In cadence.  Exercise.  He actually did call the bicycle.  Thanks Chelms.

Mosey out of deck and back to the launch lot.  COT


YHC took 4 days off to recover from a bout with summertime sinus and chest crud.  Feeling much better this morning and hopped up on Frank’s Red Hot and special ghost pepper flakes or whatever it was in the secret wing sauce.  Bowels stayed in check.  Humidity was through the roof today and YHC had trouble catching wind at times.  We covered 2.6 miles total.  Great to have Alf and Lambo join as site FNGs.  Welcome men, great work today.  Hope you both enjoyed the AO.  Long commute from Matthews for Alf.  Glad you made the trip and thanks for getting 125 of the 200 merkins during the stack.  Speaking of Alf, he and several others were at the front today, including Bout Time, Scabby, Margo, and Chelms, who continues to false start.  Rather, blatantly false start.  He is known for it and it is expected.  He crushed it today as usual.  Rip Curl was hanging tough throughout.  Boutique, Billy Jean, Red Rocks, Escargot, and, Rehab, and Pulp Fiction powered through.  Solid work as usual men.  YHC was spent after the last sprint in the deck.  Was glad to see we were close to time.  A pleasure to lead this fine group of men of action today at Centurion.


Southern Discomfort tomorrow 08/01.  0600 launch at Charlotte Catholic HS.  6 and 10-mile options from CCHS.  14 mile option launches 0500 from the Vine in Ballantyne.  Hydration provided at pain stops at A51 AOs.

10/24/2015 Ultimate Mud Run Challenge.  Info regarding registration coming soon.  Work on getting 4-man teams together. if you have questions.

Nicaraguan Bridge Rebuild outreach project.  Contact Escargot for more information.  Room for more pax to travel there to help.

Step up and Q Centurion in the coming weeks.  Contact Chelms or Escargot.  YHC would be happy to help you come up with a good workout, run through it with you, split the Q, or whatever would be helpful.  Remember, F3 is participant led.  Aye

Harris Teeter Circuit

19 men saw the dark side of Harris Teeter on a never-ending circuit. Here’s how it went down:


Quick mosey.

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

10 Burpees

The Thang:

Partner up, with the idea that everyone has at least one person to run with the whole time.

A mosey around Harris Teeter/Bed Bath & Beyond pointing out all of the stations. I don’t know the exact distance of the circuit, but it wasn’t short.

Circuit included:

Bear crawl, lunge walk, inch worm (audible to broad jump on 3rd trip), backwards run between islands

20 supine pullups on cart return (bottleneck here, so merkins and LBCs were done instead)

20 dips on curb by stop sign

10 merkins on each speed bump (4)

20 jump ups on concrete barriers or 10 step up ea. leg (audible to 5 ea. leg on 3rd trip). Be sure to watch for barbed wire, barking dogs, syringes, etc. back here

20 donkey kicks on wall

People’s chair with 30 arm raises (audible to 100 on 3rd trip)

Do the circuit 3 times through.


Flutter x 20 IC

Dolly x 20 IC

LBC x 20 IC

Heels to Heaven x 15 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC



Good to see some old familiar faces out there this morning: Busch, Skywalker, Bananas. Those guys may not have been to #Jevlar in a while, but they haven’t lost a step.

We also had three new guys that have been coming to F3 for 2 weeks or less: Yeti, Witch Doctor, and Knugent. Strong work fellas. Keep on posting.

The circuit was long and repetitive, but a full body workout with plenty of running in between stations. The goal was to keep moving the whole time and that was definately accomplished. This was not a taper-friendly workout for those facing Southern Discomfort in the morning, my apologies.

The back side of Harris Teeter is never a pretty sight, especially at that time of day. We encountered a mixture of smells (bacon?) and fluids running out of the building, but everyone came out the other side. As always, an honor to lead the PAX.

Thanks Squid for the sendoff.

– Sanka

Mountain Goats are Ready for Discomfort


8 came out to see if Slim Fast would keep his promise.  He did!!  Here is how it went:
1.  Warm-up mile + stretching
2.  4×400 Intervals with 400 recovery after each interval
3.  Cool down 1/2 mile + stretching

3.5 mi total!


This is a situation we will be faced with for Mountain Goat… And that is having some sort of “event” on the weekend.  With Southern Discomfort looming on Saturday morning,  we wanted to get some miles in but not kill ourselves ahead of the #CSAUP.

I think we did that.  The cool thing about this very simple routine is that when you look back, guys ran 1-mile at a pretty elevated pace!  That is going to continue to prepare us well for a timed mile, which will be coming up soon!

Great to have High Tide back with us.  I can’t remember if this is Hopper’s first time, but always strong!  He and I have run so many miles together recently, I’ve lost track of when and where.

Freedom, Stay Puft, Booyah The Mouth, and Huggy Bear… All regulars… All strong!!  You guys are great!

We were joined by some Spearhead Ruffians for COT led by Dora and MTN Goat alumnus emeritus Geraldo.

Keep coming out guys!  I’m seeing progress every time we run!

Don’t need no stinkin’ chalk!

25 men including 3 to 4 LIFO’s headed into the dark woods.  It was greenway day at DT and as referenced in the pre-tweet, it was intended to be a taper going into Saturday’s #CSAUP event – Southern DIS-Comfort.

The key word there is ‘intended.’ As wise old Tiger Rag predicted, once a bunch of guys get together and the warmup mile is complete, it inevitably becomes a pissing match and the pace becomes unreasonable.  Today was no different.  Mr. Brady, Frasier, Turkey Leg, and ’bout Time were the primary perpetrators, but there were others, the dark just hid their identities.  You know who you are.  Not sure if it was #ISI or #CSAUP.  Either way it was another painful Devil’s Turn.

Even though it was a full moon (which entranced Hopper for a moment), the greenway was dark and gloomy.  Some had headlamps, others utilized ESP to avoid the sporadically spaced poles in the middle of a perfectly good greenway.  For a second, it was rumored that Hannibal had mounted one at 3/4 speed, however, this was later dispelled.

The course today was ‘hypothetically’ (imagine air-quotes here) simple.  Just an out and back on the greenway.  In the parking lot, TR dropped several hints to use chalk to mark the course to which YHC scoffed and later mentioned to Frasier how it is impossible to get lost on the greenway.  Today it was proven possible.  Upon turning around and starting back, 2 PAX were observed circling a manhole cover hoping for direction.  Once they were gathered up, another group was found to have been distracted by bouncing lights and took one of the turns into a neighborhood.  At COT, it was noticed that Mistaflex was not in attendance and was later found by Marvel.  (not sure how we missed him on the return). So it was a bit chaotic on an intended easy day at the ‘Turn.

Another observation from the day was that there is an increasing amount of nakedness going on in COT.  After running with Mr. Brady a few times, I have come to expect him to basically strip down to skivvies immediately following a run.  However, today there were at least 7 who had followed suit with sweat soaked chest hair becoming more the norm than the exception.  Highly disturbing.  Who knows though, YHC may join in this trend if the temperature stays this high.

Thanks coming out today and see you Saturday!


– Saturday is Southern DIS-Comfort – even if you’re not signed up – SHOW UP!

– Saturday (8/1) is the last day to purchase BRR running shirts.  Turkey Leg says they are great.  Buy one. BRR Shirt Link

– There are also reflective, high vis yellow shirts for sale.  Tiger Rag says they are so reflective they will blind you.  Buy one of those too.  You have a little more time (8/17).  Reflective Shirt Link

Preblast BRR Training – Camping Trip 8/7-8/8

Who: Any Area 51 PAX

What: BRR Training: Legs 22 (5.5 miles, Hard), Leg 23 (5.5 miles, Hard), and Leg 31 (6.5 miles, MG Hard) or Leg 33 (5.2 miles, MG Hard).

When: 8/7- 8/8

Where: Bear Den Campground (


The Blue Ridge SOBs are headed to the mountains on 8/7 for some BRR training. All Area 51 PAX are welcome. Our team has a small cabin reserved for Friday night at Bear Den Campground. If you’re interested in joining us, here is the website .

Friday 8/7:

Our plan is to leave Charlotte around noon on Friday 8/7 and check in at the campground around 2. Then head to leg 22 (5.5 miles, Hard) and start our run around 4pm. Grab dinner and a few beers then head to bed early.

Saturday 8/8:

On Saturday morning, we plan a 7am start on Leg 23 (5.3 miles, Hard), then we will return to the campground to shower and pack up. Our last run will start at 1pm on Leg 31 (6.5 miles, MG Hard) or Leg 33 (5.2 miles, MG Hard). We should arrive back in Charlotte no later than 5pm on Saturday 8/8.



Glad it wasn’t humid this morning or that would have sucked.

8 MEN ignored YHC’s warning not to post and decided to embrace the suck and breath deep the Gloom of Hydra.

Started with 9, one of which was an FNG, so disclaimer was given more intentionally than usual and off we went.

2 jogs around baby track – butt kickers, high knees, carioca right and left.

Mosey to the field for COP

5 burpees oyo
20 – SSH in cadence
5 burpees oyo
20 – IW in cadence
5 burpees oyo
5 slow squats with 10 second hold
5 burpees
5 slow merkins with 5 second hold at top and bottom.

The Thang:
Count off by 4 and mosey to concessions stand areas for debrief.

Starfish time

Station 1 – Play ground – 10 strict pull-ups
Station 2 – Far baseball field – bear crawl from fence across outfield to infield and back
Station 3 – End zone of football field – 10 double merkin burpees
Station 4 – Far tree line – opposite the bear crawl baseball field – 10 Sister Mary Catherine’s – both legs or two lunges counts as 1 rep.
Center is the concessions stand area – for 10 jump ups, 10 dips and 10 decline diamonds.

On Go – run to your station, complete it, and then back to the middle complete the center exercises, then to the next station, going in clockwise direction and always coming back to the middle. Continue until time is called.

25 x Flutters in cadence – hold it
25 x Dollies in cadence
15 x Heels to Heaven in cadence

Small group but solid hard work by all. The humidity was brutal today making it hard to breath from the beginning and it didn’t get any better.

We did start with 9, but Puddin Pop’s FNG had to bail mid workout, to head home, because he had a heater coming, as he put it. Need to make it thru an entire workout to get named, and unfortunately, he has provided some good material, which will result in a great handle YHC is sure.

This is a great AO – Cobains Puddin Pop for not making it out more – will stay on the Q rotation.

One Eye was crushing it today and passed YHC, who was trying hard to keep him at bay. Flutie, Iron Sides and Moon River and Harley were all so fast YHC didn’t see them too much.
Puddin and Tackling Dummy helped push the pace for our group.

All got at least 2+ rounds on this, which was brutal with the humidity and the middle exercises. Decline diamond merkins are not fun, and added with 10 jump ups and 10 dips, there really wasn’t anywhere to catch your breath.

Thanks for the opportunity Puddin Pop to lead this great group of men, and thanks guys for following YHC around in the gloom this am. It is an Honor.
IF YHC missed anything of note, please shout out below in the comments.

For those keeping score – two rounds = 80 jump ups, 80 dips, 80 decline diamond merkins, 20 pullups, 20 double merkin burpees, 20 double sister mary catherine’s and lots of bear crawling.

Southern Discomfort this Saturday

Mud-Run – Oct 24th – no sign-ups yet, but get your teams together

Myrtle Beach – if you are on vacation on the Grand Strand, check out our F3 brothers down there – great group and its growing fast.

Thats all.

Champagne Out.