Pyramid Scheme

  • When:06/25/2015
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Chico, Ironsides, Iron Horse, Kirk, Puddin Pop, Marge, Donkey Kong, Hairball (QIC)

Pyramid Scheme

8 southern gentlemen showed up at OPE this morning to put in work. Lots of concerning articles circulating this week on the effects of @Hops on moobs. Weird. Regardless, YHC delighted in an IPA or two yesterday and didn’t want to take any chances- the upper bod and lungs got a little work this morning.
Starting with 7 we took a mosey lap around school to front lawn.
Merkins x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
SSH x 20 IC
We scooped up @DK and headed to the islands.
Island Hopping – starting at one end of the lot we performed exercises between and at each median island.
Round 1: Broad jump Parking spots, bear squats x10 at islands.
Round 2: Bear crawl, CDD islands x10
Round 3: Crab walk (a.k.a. Jameis Winston #nevergetsold), Merkin islands x10
Round 4: Lunge walk, squat islands x10
Mosey to small ball field behind the track for the Pyramid of pain. 5 exercises, building by 5 sets each to the top, with a lap around the bases between each set then back down by 5 sets each to the bottom.
Exercises: 5 Burpees, 10 HR Merkins, 15 Jump Squats, 20 CDDs, 25 LBC
-5 Burps, Lap.
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, 15 jump squats, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, 15 jump squats, 20 CDDs, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, 15 jump squats, 20 CDDs, 25 LBCs, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, 15 jump squats, 20 CDDs, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, 15 jump squats, lap
-5 Burps, 10 HRM, lap
-5 Burps, lap
@Kirk led LBC, Freddy Mercury until the 6 finished.
Indian run CMIYC to the bottom of Summerlin Pl. Line does 5 Merkins and chases rabbit. Regular Indian run back to campus.
Tha Moleskinny:
-Not a lot of chatter out there this morning. The pyramid scheme kept the heckling to a minimum. That and BRR season is heating up- rumor has it a lot of the mouths were popping pills(?) and yogging up and down the fresh pavement on Rea Rd.
-Strong crew out there this morning. @Kirk and @DK led the way up and down the pyramid.
-Thankfully, @IH didn’t disclose if he was wearing a jock strap #TMI Post at the Rock on Saturday if you’re into that sort of thing. Otherwise, Day Zero is there for your needs.
-TClaps to Ironsides for running in this morning.
-Thanks @Puddin for the opportunity to lead and to @IH for taking us out this morning.
– Murph scheduled for Sunday at 0700 launching from South CLT library on Rea Rd (next to Calvary) and running to Day Zero AO. Sunday marks the 10 year anniversary of Lt. Michael Murphy’s death. Check out the preblast for more info.
-Another opportunity for the Murph next week at SWIB.

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