Moving Day

  • When:05/21/80
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Iron Horse, Floor Slapper, Puddin Pop, Gecko, Chico, Sussudio, Lazy Boy, Cotton Mouth, Semi Gloss, Champagne, Hairball, Marge

Moving Day

13 pax decided to bypass an additional hour in their warm comfy beds for an hour out in the uncomfortably thick, moist (I love that word) humidity.  YHC was sweating before we even got started, although some of that may have been leftover from the 5am growler.  T-claps to Champagne and Ironhorse for yoggin in from Food Lion.  I’m sure that run back was pleasantly moist (there it is again – love it)

That thing


20 IW

20 slow CDD

20 SSH

Mosey to playground for ~10 min circuit – complete as many rounds as you can

10 merkins

20 dips

30 squats

Mosey through the woods to the hill in the neighborhood for 11’s

Burpees at the top; Rock Hoppers at the bottom

Mosey back to school for Mary

20 Dolly

~ 1 min of 6 inches


Le Moleskine

  • Thank you Puddin for having me out to Q again.  Getting to like the site more and more.
  • Good group of guys out there this morning.  Great to get out to new sites and see new faces.
  • Tons of chatter early (Semi Gloss #ProudOfYou) but that died down quickly during the 11’s.  Exception being Hairball who talked with somebody the entire time.  #GAR  Must be nice to have those young lungs
  • Sussudio was out in his un-‘usual’ attire.  Finally realized they weren’t yoga pants.  Shorts and pink socks Thank You Very Much.  Dressed up and droppin weight like a high school wrestler
  • Not sure how some of you knock out the burpees (IH) so quickly.  Practice must make perfect which YHC doesn’t do a whole lot of…..
  • My apologies for the short Mary session.  Ran out of time.  At least we didn’t sit there long enough for the Puddin Pop Blast (*trademarked)
  • Today is Day 2 of moving day for YHC from his home of 10 beautiful years.  Any and all are welcome to come move a crate, dresser, trash bag etc.  Or just come for a libation.  I’ve got a cooler of IPA and a fridge filled with really poor wedding beer.  2:30pm until we are out of beer (which could be quick considering I’ve already started #belch).  Address is (6129 Robley Tate Court, Charlotte, NC 28270)



Convergence on Monday for Memorial Day.  Check twitter for time and place.

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