Happy 2 year Anniversary Hydra

  • When:05/07/2015
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Sussudio, Gecko, Mars, Queen, Chelms, Kirk, Iron Horse, Hopper, Schnitzel, Lazy Boy, Cheese Curd

Happy 2 year Anniversary Hydra

With the virtual flag planted, clock at 0530 and a quick announcement that we would honor the original Site Q’s and we were off.


The Thang

A brief run around the parking lot to pick up 1 member driving in on 2 wheels and then made our way to the field



IW x 21

100 OYO burpees (thanks DK)

15x 2- one legged LBC (foot over bent knee)


1 lap around the school and back to the field


5/10/15/20/15/10/5 – Here/ there, Gassers…not sure if this one has a name (Bug chime in..)

3 exercises- Squats, Merkens and heels to heaven

Short round of plank exercises and back to parking lot


Line up for a shuttle run between light poles (not many poles, but spread-out)


Run to the Playground divide in 2 groups

Group 1 10 pull ups then run to the bleachers for 20 dips, 20 incline merkens, 10 step ups each leg

Group 2 20 dips, 20 incline merkens, 10 step ups each leg then10 pull ups

Planking in-between, repeat


Run back to parking lot for another shuttle run



LBC/Bicycles,  into impromptu Flutter x 50




– Goat this weekend

– Death March (looks like a fun event)

– Up’n Over is looking for 1 good man.  We are down one, so if you can run and need a 9 man team for BRR, hit me up!


Ye Old Moleskin

– Sussudio was angry today.  Apparently not a big fan of the Q’s timing or instructions.  He took his anger out on the Sprints…strong as he smoked all the young guys!

– Kirk, Chelm (went to the booth for a film review) and Hopper were out in-front on the field work, I guess this Q will lead from behind

– Kirk also gave me a firm warning that 200 burpees were out of the question and he would sit and protest.  This would have been a true shout out to DK, but that is just plain stupid.  Sorry DK, just 100 here

– Q rust!  YEP.  This is my 3 post since I took 6 weeks off for a bum leg.  Perhaps Sussudio, Kirk, and Chelms had valid points.

– As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead and the Pax to blindly follow.  I hope you were smoked, I was.

– Sussidio- Thanks for taking us out today and for the special prayer…the day has to get better!


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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on10:58 am - May 7, 2015

You noted 1st and 3rd place for the field work – guess it will take some time before I get #Respect. Great routine even if your instructions were some times lost due to authentic south Charlotte jibberish. I like the workouts where we keep moving (other than the 100 burpees) as it makes the time go by fast. Speaking of burpees, I think DK has to be on site for us to ever do that many again (at least at one time).

HopperPosted on2:09 pm - May 7, 2015

Good Q Curd! I liked it in spite of the 100 buprees (I still think there are other ways to pay hommage to DK). And Chelms is correct…..he was #2 on field work and I was #3. Granted, it is easy to be #2 when you opt for cherkins, cheels to cheaven and chquats over the normal versions……but he is old, so let’s give him a break, right?

Cheese CurdPosted on2:48 pm - May 7, 2015

I have asked the refs to review the tape in the booth…wait, what is this….The Q has been corrected once again and Chelms has been added to the podium!

At first the refs wanted me to get pee tests from you three, but then they saw the form…questionable…very questionable. You’ve been warned.

And from my perspective, I was so far behind, I saw to lightly colored shirts and one shadow. The shadow now has a name!

KirkPosted on10:03 pm - May 7, 2015

Highlights –
1) Sussudio giving legit feedback about waiting to give instructions until everyone could hear, Chelms saying no one could understand him, followed by Sussudio vindictively smoking everyone.
2) Cheesecurd(er) leading Mary. Finish flutters. “Next exercise is the LBC”. He begins cadence. Mid crunch, I look up, and he’s doing flutters.

Lowlight: 100 burpees. No 10 x 10 or anything to break up the pointless monotony of 100 straight burpees.

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