Pick your poison

  • When:04/30/15
  • QIC: Spackler & High Tide
  • The PAX: Semi Gloss, Kirk, Liberace, Arena, Tackling Dummy, Puddin Pop, Shnitzel, Harley, Floor Slapper, Le Mis, Champ, Iron Horse, Splinter, Hannibal, Simba, Sussudio, Marge, Stone Cold, High Tide

Pick your poison

It was @F3Golf day.  That day of the year where every hacker has a chance for glory.  Teams were prepping their batting order trying to figure out who could handle nerves most effectively.  Who should putt last?  Who should tee off first?  Do we switch up the order if the birdies aren’t falling?  Oh, there were many pressing questions on this infamous day, April 30th, 2015.  However no question was more pressing than should Hydra and Meathead converage on such a day because of @F3Golf?  Would Meathead have enough guys in attendance or do you think guys would skip the KB to ensure a smooth golf swing that afternoon?  Maybe we should converge.  I mean, it is a holiday of some sorts, right?  You either took the day off or maybe asked for a half day?  Or if you are an insurance guy, you were just doing what you always do this time of year.  But how do you converge two sites that are extremely different from one another?  One a 0.0 and the other one headed, water monster beast with one eye (or something like that).  So the powers that be called in the experts.  This is how the story rolls:

Short, awkward disclaimer

The Thang

25 IW

Jack Webb x 10

Split up into 2 groups – Hydra and Meathead (pretty authentic and creative if you ask me)

Hydra Group 1:

Mosey to football field

The Beast x 4 – MTJ, Diamond merkins, CDD’s, Russian Twist

Mosey to concession area

10 jump ups

20 decline merkins

30 dips

10 jump ups

20 incline merkins

30 dips

Mosey back to playground to gather those Meatheads who wanted a bit of Hydra #2

Mosey back to concession

The Alabama Slamma – All you need to know is it equates to 210 merkins

Mosey to some other field

8 x 70 yardish sprints


25 Rosa

12 J Lo (crowd teaser)

25 back scratcher

25 Dolly

The Meathead workout

YHC asked High Tide to send an email of what Meathead accomplished.  I got a few photos of his weinke.  I am not Purple Haze.  I don’t do admin.  You are welcome to type it up in the comments section sir


Le Moleskine

  • For those that attended all Hydra – 360 total merkins.  You are welcome.  No better way to make sure you create that hip turn later in the afternoon if you can’t feel your arms or moobs.  I’m sure it worked for some….not so much for others – the hip turn that is…
  • Couple of Meatheads showed up late, mid way through Jack Webb.  “Um dude brah, where was the pre blast bro?  We were at Elizabeth Lane like man I guess no one is coming bro.  Almost tore my steering wheel off hauling a** over here bro”
  • #tclaps to Simba – 4 days in a row in the gloom.  Did he go this morning?  #5pack
  • Kirk killed it on the beast.  He also took up merkin form policing duties during the Slamma.  The form was quite pathetic from everyone from 12 on down.  Let the 2015 merkin challenge commence yet again #improvement
  • J Lo was a hit.  Def need to keep that in the rotation just alone for the commentary it created
  • Semi Gloss wore flesh colored shorts #nuff said
  • Iron Horse kept to his practice of wearing his everyday workout short https://www.google.com/search?q=tiny+running+shorts&rlz=1C1OPRA_enUS572US573&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=667&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=vH1DVbuTIc_loATwnIDgBw&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAg#imgrc=1KsVY2jehVYtQM%253A%3Baa3xQ-phAG5z4M%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.liquidvinylclothing.com%252Fimages%252FA14-3308SideT.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.liquidvinylclothing.com%252FMetallicsMystique.html%3B195%3B172
  • That probably won’t work above but whatever.  Deal with it.
  • Champagne won 3 raffles at the 19th hole and Purple Haze loved his new Walmart irons.  It was a glorious day for the short bald man.
  • Peace be with all of you.  Until another day in the gloom #aye ################






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Purple HazePosted on11:21 am - May 1, 2015

Wow! Busted on me…twice…in the BB for a workout I didn’t even attend. Just remember, admin people have feelings too…so it would have been nice to have received some sort of gift a couple of weeks back on Admin Professional day. And, as for the irons, only had one club head fly off yesterday.

High TidePosted on11:59 am - May 1, 2015

How I long for a Haze-administered backblast (#51counts), but this Meathead can type (just not yesterday – #flashcards). Here’s the “real” Beast:

Mini Simple & Sinister – 50 one handed swings & 6 Turkish Getups in 5 minutes.

3 for 3’s – snatches, cleans & presses, and racked squats (Right then Left) for 5 minutes

Ascending Circuit – 7 pullups, 14 two-handed presses, 21 teabag squats rinsed & repeated for 5 minutes

For those true Meatheads who stayed for Round 2 (and Iron Horse who joined in), you enjoyed a 2nd helping for double the gains and avoided prancing around like J Lo.

Then, some Manly Mary – Louganis (7), Russian Twist (10 IC), pullovers with press (7), flutter with press (20)

Run out the clock with 50 more one-handed swings and 4 TGUs (or your choice)


SimbaPosted on3:57 pm - May 1, 2015

When jack Webb was the second and final exercise of the COP I knew it was a bad sign, but I wouldn’t have guessed we would have done 350 merkins on the day of the golf tournament. Strong.

As far as the 5 pack goes, Let’s just say I went with the Noda brewing approach and chose quality Over quantity. Maybe the 4 in a row is what made Champagne question my squat form and Kirk call out my merkins, but I am guessing the form is just as bad on any other day too.

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