Arm Buster

  • When:03/02/2015
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Hopper, Dick Clark, Agony, Catfish, One Eye, Film Festival, Orlando, Flutie Flakes, Escargot, Beef Eater, Blades of Glory, Frasier, Fire Hazard, Back Draft, Big Easy, Bail Out, About Time, Bush Wood, Kirk, Tardy, Big Tuna, Bridges.

Arm Buster

23 men headed the warning and posted at F3DMZ this morning, not sure what I ate that caused me to design an arm/shoulder buster but seemed like everyone really enjoyed the challenge.

The Thang’

YHC yelled the disclaimer, and then we ran to Carmel Middle School.

Stop along the way at 2 speed bumps for 20 Mirkens in cadence. #manthissux

Circle up for COT – all in cadence

  • SSX x25, IW x25, LBC x25, Diamond Mirken x10, Mountain Climber x25

Mosey to rock pile, find a respectable rock (make the M proud)

Wall Sit – Alternating rock in front .20 secs/ above head .20 secs repeat 2x

Partner up, bring biggest rock – Partner Sit-up rock hand off.

  • Set #1 = 25x
  • Set #2 = 50x
  • Set #3 = 25x

Balls to the Wall Mirkens

  • 3 Set’s = 15x each

Mosey with rock to clearing – Line up along the sidewalk for Jack Webb with your rock

Stagger to the rock pile – return rocks

Mosey to lower Football practice field

Burpee Broad jump 50 yards.

Run back to Carmel Rd Park.  Done.

  • March 11- Bring the family out to Mellow Mushroom from 5-8 pm for a HH.  10% sales go to help fund a second trip to Nicaragua to repair a bridge. Check Twitter for additional details.
  • In partnership with ministry called Sports Friends, 8-12 F3ers from Metro /Area 51 are organizing a trip to Peru. Questions? Please check site out our site and watch for updates on Twitter. Additional questions, please reach out to Agony.





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