Run Stopper & Ninja Turtle get dirty at the Reservation

  • When:02/28/2015
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Dark Helmet; Maximus, Package, One Niner, Ringer, Pebbles, The Beast, Gunny (Respect), C-Span, Ninja Turtle

Run Stopper & Ninja Turtle get dirty at the Reservation


Of the 11 Pax posted at The Reservation yesterday, 10 were warmed up from a pre-mud run .30 minute non-stop workout.

The Thang’

Run to bus parking lot for COT:

  • SSX x20, Burpees OYO x10, Imperial Walker x20, Burpees OYO x10, LBC x20, Regular Mirken, Mountain Climber x20

Run to lower football field: Partner up.

  • Partner Over Under x20 each (Partner #1 planks #2 belly crawls under then jumps over legs)
  • Wheel Barrow to End Zone 50 yards (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Mirken Patty-Cakes x20 total
  • Wheel Barrow 50 yards to 50 yard line (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Sit-Up touch x20 total
  • Wheel Barrow to End Zone  50 yards (flapjack if need)
  • Partner Leg Push (right, center, left) x20 total

Run to main building – find wall:

  • Balls to the wall: 10 upside down Mirkens
  • Walk on hands 25 ft cycle thru 3 x
  • Wall Sit – 5 Min – 150 Arm Raises in Cadence

Mosey to Playground:

Find Partner for circuit: Perform 3x

  • Pull -Ups x50
  • Step Ups x50
  • Old Fashion Sit-ups x50

Tight Circle for Jack Webb (1 Mirken, 4 arm raises; 2 Mirkens, 8 arm raises) upto 10 Mirkens, 40 arm raises.



  • Prayers for Zip
  • Prayers for Flat Tire and the M.
  • Mud Run Training each Sat at The Reservation 6:30 am sharp. If you want to prepare for the Mud Run, then this is a workout YOU NEED. PERIOD.
  • 3/28 Gladiator Games at The Reservation
  • 4/18 and 4/25 The Reservation is supporting the Gastonia Launch
  • 5/2 Year Anniversary Rock Hill
  • 40 day challenge – Bring snacks to the workout for children’s attention home
  • Thanks to Pebbles for the Invite. Nina Turtle and YHC had a great time!

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