Filthy Fifty

  • When:10/23/14
  • QIC: Probation
  • The PAX: Swiss Miss, Brown, High Tide, Snowflake (WD-respect), Big League Chew (respect), Sanka, Chanel, Gullah, Probation (Q)

Filthy Fifty

After good Twitter conversation the evening prior, and accusations of a media blitz by some, 9 pax posted with enthusiasm, eager to get their swole on (and warm up just a bit).

The Thang:

Filthy Fifty: Get Your Swoll On (800 upper body reps by each person)

No running

The Warm Up:

  1. 50 hand slap merkins
  2. 50 heavy curls – 50 LBC’s (broken into sets of 25, alternating with your partner)
  3. 50 upright rows – 50 kb press
  4. 50 kb swings – 50 kb press
  5. 50 tricep ext – 50 flutters
  6. 50 shrugs – 50 dolly
  7. 50 Clean and jerk – 50 kb curls

The Main Event: 50 total burpee pulls ups with a partner

Put us over the top: 50 Seal team sit ups

Cool Down: 50 swings – 50 kb press


Announcements – shoe collection

BOM – closing prayer


Snowflake and Swiss Miss were Meathead FNGs

Great work to by all. Thanks to everyone who posted at my VQ of Meathead.


(posted by High Tide on behalf of Probation)

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High TidePosted on9:28 am - Oct 24, 2014

T-claps to Probation on his VQ at Meathead! Way to bring it! Total upper body beatdown.

Observed were several mid-winter layers of clothing, which were quickly shed once we got moving, but these were balanced out from the beginning by a couple of Meatheads w/o sleeves! Well done.

Experiencing some slight, yet satisfying muscle soreness in my upper back as I write this. Kinda like that whole meat-in-your-teeth tongue-toothpick thing that TR was referencing earlier. I think…

Be warned, The Hoff is on Q next week, and I’m counting on him making up for his Meathead absence.

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