Centurian Birthday Festivities…Interrupted

  • When:09/05/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Madame Tussaud, Scabby, Escargot, Wingman, Cane, Daniel San, Rock Thrill, Josh Jones (FNG-Handy Manny), Udder, Checkpoint (WD), Red Rocks, Swanson, Sunrise, Voodoo, Brushback

Centurian Birthday Festivities…Interrupted

Blinking lights and several police cruisers were in the launch lot at Centurian today.  Two of our pax were robbed at gunpoint by a male assailant.  Checkpoint and Voodoo were not injured.  YHC intentionally out for pre-KB due to BRR driving duties and most other KB regulars doing BRR.  That left these two men in the dark.  May have been a crime of opportunity or the assailant may have cased the lot as we are there like clockwork every Friday.  Be mindful of your surroundings and always try to travel in a herd.  Shovel flag planted by Escargot.  Mood certainly somber among the  pax, but we moved forward as the police did their work to try and find the assailant. Cane turns 39 and come to find out, Udder is 34 today.  Happy birthday gentlemen.


COP in launch lot

SSH x39 IC

Merkin x39 (Civilian cadence)

10 Burpee OYO

YHC and Cane grab party favors and mosey to lot above to wait for the six providing information to police.  Party favors are 39 pound cinder blocks (2) that will travel with pax during workout.  Team effort for carry.  Pass along when necessary

Line up.  Sprint 80 yards.  Sprint back.

Merkin Ladder

Start with 5 merkin: 1 regular/1wide/1 diamond/1 hand-release/1 regular

Run approx. 80 yards and complete 30 LBC.  Run back to start.

Increase merkin rep by 1 to 2 of each above.  Repeat to 5 reps of each.  30 LBC stays same at other end.  Shamelessly borrowed this from Lobsta Roll’s beatdown and Anvil on Wednesday.

Early finishers did 20 SSH IC then plank to wait for six.  Checkpoint joined the pax right about here.  Voodoo had to stay with car and officers who were finger-printing.

Pick up favors and mosey to Jack in Box parking lot across 51.  Double back to assist with favors.  Drop favors and mosey to Palatine Hill.

Triple Nickel 

Run up hill.  5 hand-release merkin.  Run down.  5 jump squats.  5 repetitions.

Plank to wait for six.  Mosey to pick up favors and pause for MARY: Heels to Heaven x20 IC/Bicycle x20 IC/Dolly x20 IC.

Mosey to picnic tables at CCHS.

Bench Set

15 jump up/15 tricep dip/15 derkin x2

Mosey to rock pile to grab an exercise rock.

Rock Set

Sets of 20 IC: Curls/Press/CDD/Press/Curls

AYG to launch lot for BOM.


YHC shook by this incident.  Pax appeared to be as well as the mumblechatter was essentially nonexistent.  All pax worked hard today.  Welcome to Handy Manny, a friend of YHC and a Charlotte native.  Great to have you and certainly hope to see you in the gloom soon.  YHC took us out in BOM.  Prayers for Voodoo, Checkpoint, and the troubled assailant.  Really hate that these two men had to endure this today.  Prayers for our brothers who are doing the BRR, other participants, and all involved for a safe event.  Happy birthday to Cane and Udder.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THE HERD MENTALITY.  Unfortunately, we all know that bad things happen every day and we need to stand together.  Aye.


See website at f3nation.com or the weekly email.




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Drop ThrillPosted on9:42 am - Sep 5, 2014

Sorry to hear about that guys, that’s a crazy way to start a workout.

PdiddyPosted on9:57 am - Sep 5, 2014

Sorry to hear this happened. Thanks for the reminder to be vigilent. As we all know, the illusion that we are in control can be shattered in an instant. I like the fact that everyone went ahead with the workout and really never missed a beat except for the somber mood, which is to be expected!

VoodooPosted on11:51 am - Sep 5, 2014

Thanks to the PAX for the concern and kind words this morning. Thankfully, the perpetrator didn’t seem interested in hurting anyone and was probably just opportunistic. It was scary while it happened, but it could have been much worse. Needless to say, I’ll be more vigilant about my surroundings in the future. If you see me sitting in my car at a workout waiting to reach critical mass, it’s not because I’m anti-social!

Now that I’ve had a chance for my heart rate to come down, to hug my kids and my M, to talk to my Mom, and to change my underwear, I’m pretty bummed that I got up at 0430 and didn’t even get a chance to work out.

Happy birthday to Cane and Udder. I’m sorry I missed out on what sounds like a good beatdown.

Run StopperPosted on12:29 pm - Sep 5, 2014

I am floored by this and am thankful Voodoo and Checkpoint were unharmed. Prayers going out to you two!

As a side note, Escargot – we may need to rethink/location at Catholic, maybe further into campus. Lets speak to Chelms upon his return from BRR.

BrushbackPosted on2:58 pm - Sep 5, 2014

Horrible incident but thankful that Voodoo and Checkpoint are okay. Sad reminder of evil happenings everywhere in this world, and makes me all the more thankful for the brotherhood we have in F3!

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:40 pm - Sep 5, 2014

Very thankful that no one was hurt. I pray the assailant is 1 captured and 2 finds Christ and changes his life.

Although unlikely to happen again, I do think we should consider steps to make the workout safer, including possibly moving launch point to better lit area. Would like input from any PAX that has experience with these matters. Also.wonder if the police had any recommendations.

CheckpointPosted on10:44 am - Sep 7, 2014

Thanks as well for the concerns guys. It was a surreal experience and I am thankful Voodoo set the tone of remaining calm and cooperating. Unfortunate event but not sure it warrants changing locations. I think this was a random, opportunistic act. The biggest lesson learned is to be aware of our surroundings and to remain calm and not put a perp on the defensive. We met in that parking lot this am at 5:45 and I did not feel unsafe. Thanks again. Glad to have this one checked off my bucket list.

    VoodooPosted on9:39 am - Sep 8, 2014

    I agree with Checkpoint that we should leave Centurion at CCHS, but I think it would be a good idea to move the meeting location to the large upper lot. That would move you away from the hedges that obscure the view of Walsh Blvd. Part of the issue Friday morning was that we couldn’t see the road from where we were standing in the parking lot. By the time we saw the gunman, he was only about 6-10 feet away and flight was not an option.

    I also agree with Checkpoint that this was most likely a random act. Moving the meeting location farther from Walsh Blvd. would address this issue as well by making us less visible to passersby.

    Thanks again for the support from the PAX.

Reverend Flo-ridaPosted on9:22 am - Sep 8, 2014

This could happen to any of us. While I am thankful that no one was hurt, I am pissed. I suggest while we all be more vigilant of our surroundings, we need to remember this moment by having an exercise developed and named for the occasion. Discuss.

EscargotPosted on11:50 am - Sep 8, 2014

There was some discussion of meeting in the lot across the street at Carmel Commons near McDonalds and Jack in the Box. I am not sure that the upper lot is a great idea, could interfere with staff/students early parking. Open to thoughts and suggestions.

CheckpointPosted on12:45 pm - Sep 8, 2014

Do we have a contact at Catholic to discuss use of upper parking lot? That would be preferred as it is quiet, and secluded from the traffic of highway 51.

EscargotPosted on12:56 pm - Sep 8, 2014

RunStopper has been our Liaison in the past with CC. RS, I am not even sure if Principal Healey is still there, can you confirm? I would be happy to reach out if you could pass along the appropriate contact info.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:15 pm - Sep 8, 2014

My son is freshman and we have parent meeting this week. I will cordinate with Runstopper to explore moving to upper lot.

CheckpointPosted on1:26 pm - Sep 8, 2014

I do not know who they were but a couple of Catholic facilities guys came down that day to see what was going on so my guess is that the administration is aware of the incident.

By the way, a reporter called me and wants to do an interview with Voodoo or I this afternoon for a report on the news tonight. Trying to decide if I should do it. Think any good comes from helping create some awareness of the need for caution and the advice to stay calm?


    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:47 pm - Sep 8, 2014

    Although you and Voodoo have every right to decide about the interview, I would like to seek input from Tiger Rag, Dredd and others. Can you stall for a day? I can be reached at 704-236-8576 if you want to chat. I sent a note to TR and Dress already.

CheckpointPosted on1:56 pm - Sep 8, 2014

Great minds think alike. I have a call into Dredd and Tiger Rag. We do not have a day however as the story runs tonight.

This is what reporter texted when I asked about what he wanted to cover: “Explanation of what happened, who did this, anything you are doing differently because of this, and anything you want others to know so that they are safe.”

VoodooPosted on8:50 am - Sep 9, 2014

It looks like WSOC ran the story last night anyway. Here’s a link: http://www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/police-joggers-robbed-charlotte-catholic-high-scho/nhJJN/

F3 is not mentioned by name, just referred to as an “organized fitness group.” They also called us joggers, which makes it sound like we don’t stay at the site very long.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on9:39 am - Sep 9, 2014

I have tentative approval for us to park in the upper lot closer to the school so lets start meeting there this Friday. Also, please remain alert at all times (all F3 locations and not just CCHS). Hopefully this was a once in a lifetime event and never occurs again.

CheckpointPosted on10:08 am - Sep 9, 2014

I am really glad we did not agree to the on-camera interview now. It would have hurt my feelings to be referred to as a “jogger”. This story must have been about someone other than Voodoo and I.

VoodooPosted on10:16 am - Sep 9, 2014

Checkpoint, I was thinking the same thing. Obviously, Ken Lemon has never seen me run.

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